Linux Visor USB @

Linux Visor USB @ Excelent, now when my home machine makes thw switch to, “Windows only for games” my Visor will not hold me back. “Handspring Feedback A developer at Handspring has contacted Greg about writing the driver. This is excellent news. I am excited to hear that they are willing to help after […]

What is FreeNet? “The Freenet

What is FreeNet? “The Freenet project aims to create a client that implements the protocol described in Ian Clarke’s paper ‘A Distributed Decentralised Information Storage and Retrieval System’. Running this client would allow anyone to join a system called the ‘Freenet’ that will allow thoughts and ideas to be published and read without fear of […]

The Village Voice: Features: The

The Village Voice: Features: The Pot Plot Donald Scott was killed when the cops raided his Malibu ranch looking for dope. But were they after pot plants or profits? “… I realized, these sons of bitches are a hit squad for the U.S. government!” [via CamWorld]