Personal Star Wars Tilda

At 15 months Tilda’s take on Star Wars

While watching Tilda this morning I put Star Wars on in the background. First time it played in Tilda’s presence. So far we are only to the cantina scene, but there have been three stand out reactions. The first was when Ben is reviving Luke, R2 and 3PO after the Sand People attacked. When 3PO is helped up all covered in sand and an arm ripped off Tilda began laughing and continued for several minutes. The second was when Ben is telling Luke about his father giving Luke the lightsaber. As soon as the lightsaber is turned on Tilda snapped to watching the TV as long as the lightsaber was on, totally mesmerized. The thrid reaction is whenever an Imperial score played she is immediately attracted to the TV. Even when in the other room she runs in to see what is going on.