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Picsean Similar to Pictory, Except with Cash Prizes for Chosen Photos (tags: photography) pjs4ipad – Offline Processing.js web clip apps with built-in code editing (tags: ajax editor ipad iphone javascript opensource js development) Return to Jorune There is a dreamtime. There are worlds where we can go to find heroes, to right wrongs, to explore […]

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This Month’s Books: Mutant Orphans and Far (tags: scifi books list) Improve Your CSS Skills With Pure CSS UI Components (tags: css3 List) Simplifying Composition: The Elemental Components of a Landscape Yes, there are certain devices you can use to aid composition, and sometimes, there are rules at play. Our brains are always balancing, weighing […]

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101 Zen Stories (tags: list zen Story spirituality interesting reading 101) How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth? Damm the 50% of the people who ever existed are living now is debunked… (tags: history sociology statistics population)

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Free Programming Books (tags: book books C++ Haskell java javascript ebook python list perl php ruby algorithms) The Walled City Where Sunlight Couldn't Reach – Megacities (tags: architecture China history) shakshuka recipe There are a lot of reasons to make shakshuka, an Israeli dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce: It sounds like […]

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DODOcase – Welcome Moleskin iPad case (tags: ipad moleskine Cases) 5 Actions That Made Me Happier (tags: advice career happiness inspiration lifehacks productivity motivation psychology)

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iPad Wallpaper Template for Photoshop Featured here is an iPad wallpaper template in Photoshop (PSD) format (download), allowing you to easily create & test your new background creations with minimal layer nightmares. (tags: ipad photoshop template wallpaper) The Myth of Shareholder Capitalism Legally speaking a Board of Directors are not required to maximize shareholder value. […]

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Tutorials:Getting Started with jQuery – jQuery JavaScript Library (tags: development documentation library jquery) Programming Books, part 4: The C Programming Language (tags: books programming writing c) Best Writing Advice for Engineers I've Ever Seen. Period. (tags: advice copywriting documentation engineering essay journalism writing) What is New at The Dentist (tags: dental science technology)