links for 2010-04-21

  • "After examining statistics from 27 nations, a group of researchers found the presence of book-lined shelves in the home — and the intellectual environment those volumes reflect — gives children an enormous advantage in school."
  • Akihabara, in Tokyo, is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods. You can find any sort of old & new videogames, starting from the 8-bit era to modern motion-sensing videogames. But is also the promised land for nostalgic gamers who has left the heart in their Super Nintendo and actually sees the world in pixels.
    The Akihabara you can download here is my personal dream too. It is a set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style 8/16-bit era games in Javascript that runs in your browser without any Flash plugin, making use of a small small small subset of the HTML5 features, that are actually available on many modern browsers.