links for 2009-07-20

Stewart Brand proclaims 4 environmental 'heresies' The man who helped usher in the environmental movement in the 1960s and '70s has been rethinking his positions on cities, nuclear power, genetic modification and geo-engineering. This talk at the US State Department is a foretaste of his major new book, sure to provoke widespread debate. (tags: video […]

links for 2009-07-19

project 365 for the iphone / The Photojojo Forum I was inspired by the project 365 article on the newsletter and people of flickr to write a project 365 app on the iphone. It's a work in progress right now, so I was hoping to get some feedback and suggestions from people for the update. […]

links for 2009-07-18

Star Wars: Uncut Hello! You and 472 other people have the chance to recreate Star Wars: A New Hope. Below is the entire movie split up into 15 second clips. Click on one of the scenes to claim it, film it, and upload it. You can have up to three scenes! When we're all done, […]

links for 2009-07-11

The Healthy and Fit Algorithm (tags: tips health inspiration fitness diet nutrition) 15 very useful PHP code snippets for PHP developers (tags: php list snippets) Making a Content Slider with jQuery UI In this tutorial we’re going to be using the jQuery UI slider widget to create an attractive and functional content slider. We’ll have […]

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Bruce Sterling – reboot 11 closing talk On Favela Chic, Gothic High Tech and where we are heading (tags: video inspiration social futurism) How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck (tags: economy visualization infographics society money finance economics culture consumer) The DM's Plight, Just Go Play WoW Already (tags: humor RPG DnD) BattleTech: 25 […]

links for 2009-07-09

SlickMap CSS — A Visual Sitemapping Tool for Web Developers SlickMap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished sitemaps directly from HTML unordered list navigation. It’s suitable for most web sites – accommodating up to three levels of page navigation and additional utility links – and can easily be customized to meet your own […]

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How To Secure Your Facebook Username (Vanity URL) (tags: facebook URL business Identity @forwork) First impressions of Windows 7 from a Mac user: … (tags: Windows7 UI HCI Review)