links for 2009-05-05

  • Mr. D extends his personal invitation to recreate yer own family crime drama with Complete Mafia.
    Compatible with the d20 system, Complete Mafia allows you to create families from 1282 all da way to da modern age. Join a family, maintain respect and don’t let yer enemies find out yer weaknesses.
    Role-play your bloodline throughout history: Defend Sicily from da French in da Middle Ages, join da Renaissance’s Camorra Syndicate, bootleg booze outta 20’s Canada or dodge da Feds in da modern era.
    Mr. D includes campaign settings in Sicily and the U.S., a Mafia historical timeline, mob glossary, new weapons, new cars, over 16 new character classes and other Mafia resource material covering over 700 years of “this thing of ours”.
    Complete Mafia makes a great game on its own or a welcome addition to ongoing campaign settings. Don’t be stupid, play Complete Mafia. Ya would be wise not to disappoint Mr. D.
    (tags: rpg d20 mafia)