Apple, AppStore and Book Banning

Apple gets into the book-banning business

Apple’s refused to allow an application called “Comic Reader” in the iTunes Store because they don’t like the comic book it ships with — effectively, they’ve gotten into the business of banning or approving literature.

Apple Forfeits eBooks By Banning A Comic Book!

Who at Apple has been set up to vet material? Specifically, why was Murderdrome vetted as an application and not as a publication? Apple has a Books category in the App Store. That’s where Murderdrome should have been placed.

The whole approval process is a problem with iPhone/iPod touch and all console games, Wii, PS3/2, Xbox, that require software distribution to go through the
device creator vs. third parties like with PCs. For
developers it is a bit more of a problem with Apple, the
vetting process doesn’t occur til after the app is created then submitted.
Traditionally with game consoles the original device creator, Sony,
Nintento, Microsoft, work fairly closely with developers from the
beginning so you know that your game/app is going to be allowed. Also with Apple the reality is there are not many consistent
guidelines other than “don’t compete with unless you are really
popular”. Which translates to your web browser, Opera Mini, will not
be allowed but a Gmail client will be allowed.

One intresting way around all this is to not make it an installed app
but run it through a website. Doesn’t always work with the iPod Touch
but does for an iPhone, one of the things I like about the iPhone vs.
the iPod Touch. Another way around would be to release the app with something more “friendly” and imediately allow for downloading the more questionable stuff like Murderdrome.

Regardless it is some good press for Infurious Comics.

And when all is said and done I still hold that the iPhone/iPod Touch maybe what makes eBooks and eComics work and I still want one of each 🙂