First Rain Riding

I was riding on I-75 heading from the parents back to Lexington. Just south of Georgetown I’m cruising along at about 80 when wind gusts picks up then the down pour begans. Yepie my first riding in the rain 🙁 luckily there was an over pass really close so I made for it and hoped for a short down pour. About 5 minutes into my wait this other bike pules up. It is this older rider named Walt on an early 80’s Kawasaki cruiser. We chat for a bit between semis, cars and trucks blasting past us. After another 10 minutes or so we decide to brave the rain, Lexington is only a handful of miles away. Walt and I rode together to Lexington’s down town where everything is bone dry and we are soaked. The Blundstones prove to make great water buckets and will probably take days to dry out.
So I’m no longer a rain riding virgin but not looking forward to the next time. Might have to invest in some rain slicks.
Oh, and have 1,5000 miles on the M50 in 5 weeks!