Abigail born Feburary 28th

I have another niece, Abigail Marie Littmer, born last night around 9pm.


My sister let me stay in the birthing room, if I didn’t take any during birth photos, which was very cool of her. Before the birth the pain monitor display would start going down and then Michelle would say it hurt or there was a contraction. At the time it was kinda funny but after about 30 minutes of this a nurse came in and say that Abigail was comming in minutes! They rounded up another the doctor and another nurse. Everyone started doing there thing. Doctor and nurses were calm. Michelle started that push no push pattern. Drew was helping Michelle. Abigail was getting ready to breath. I tried to stay as much out of the way as possible and not totally freak out! 30 minutes later Abigail was born.