links for 2006-03-09

  • The parser that we are using for aggregation reevoogregation of hReviews is now open for public use. It started off as an hReview 0.2 parser, but the dependence of hReview on some other microformats led it to grow several more features. hReview 0.3 added
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  • Japanese maples are ideal deciduous trees for creating beautiful bonsai. Using a method called air layering, it is very easy to make a branch sprout roots that will support it after separation from the tree. By selecting a nicely shaped branch, you can st
  • Gullery is a simple photo gallery built with Ruby on Rails. It works well for a personal portfolio or small photo gallery.
  • MenuMeters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for MacOS X. Although there are numerous other programs which do the same thing, none had quite the feature set I was looking for. Most were windows that sat in a corner or on the desk