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Doom 3

I didn’t do like many and rush out to pick up Doom 3 on tuesday but waited til last night 🙂 Inital reaction on the graphics, “OH MY FSCK’N GOD! How did they do those awesome graphics” Inital reaction to game play, “OH MY FSCK’N GOD! How unplayable.” Maybe it is my ever worsening eyesight combined with the kick ass realtime lighting and shading. Maybe it is my expectation for the rooms to have a function.
I’m hoping my experience changes the more I play the game but the expectations are kinda low. Though one good thing about the game play was to remind me how great the story and game play was in HalfLife. So how many more days til HalfLife2 comes out?
Dooom 3
Graphic Awesomeness 9/10
Game Play 6/10

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Define “unplayable”? I had to raise the gamma up a bit (r_gamma 1.4) so I could see things a bit better, but other than that it harkened back to doom 1 when you weren’t really surer what was going on, were wandering through dark corridors and having things jump out at you. Plaing with lights out, late at night and with the sound up recommended.
I tried a bit of the multiplayer and wasn’t hugely impressed, but it was a high ping server. The game is single player focused anyway.

Well it was not totally unplayable, that would have garnered a 0/10. If the experience would have been like the Aliens vs. Predator 2, lots of light and sound used to enhance the mode and playability, I would have been happy. Seemed more like they were showing off rather than enhancing the game. Also having rooms with poor functionality really bothered me.
I guess I was expecting the number of baddies of the original Doom/Wolfenstien, the creapy factor of AvP2 and the playability of HalfLife. Instead I got a really great effects movie.

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