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MovableType Beta

Things may get a bit wonky. I’m trying the MovableType3 Beta on fozbaca. The only part that should affect what you see, other than the skin changing soon, is how comments work. I’m going to experiment with the whole TypeKey thingie. So comment away!

3 replies on “MovableType Beta”

Are you acutally allowed to use the beta on a public site? I was in the alpha testing, and while I didn’t actually do anything with it (setting up the beta now though), I thought I read that showing it off wasn’t allowed?

Ok, so beta is public 🙂
Aside: typekey is interesting, but if the website goes down (as it is now), and you have typekey only (as say, the mt beta site does), you’re screwed. “So sad for you”. Probably why I won’t be using typekey (only) when mt3 is released.

TypeKey is interesing – I’m curious how well it’ll work in the long run. Too bad I got into the beta list too late, so I’ll probably have to wait for final to try this out on my blog. (Not that I’m getting lots of comments anyway…)

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