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Reading a recent rant on the state of personal digital photos lead me for a search of more EXIF editing info on windows and the find…

Photo Studio is also an invaluable tool for exploring the meta data stored along with your image files. The program supports a wide variety of meta data standards, including EXIF, CIFF, Olympus, JFIF and Photoshop. EXIF data will be of particular interest to digital camera users – it is the format used by most digital cameras to store camera settings along with an image.

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What a funny coincidence, so did I! Only I looked for linux. Nothing out there really. gphoto ( uses it, and seems to have an editor, but it’s not the greatest. I did look and start to play around with photostack ( as it’s gallery software that apparently uses/views exif data. Now to see if gallery’s resizing of all my images has lost the data (lucky I still have originals!).

actually i started looking for linux EXIF tools. well actually was hoping for something in Java. it was pretty funny that the only tool off was the above mentioned.

a pretty sad state of things in the personal digital photography arena.

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