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Fark Loves Me, Why?

For some reason Fark seems to love me. Check the
Top 10 of 367 Total Referrers and there are over 8,500 from the forums and almost 450 from the voter comments are something. The traffic seems to all be on December 4th. Since I don’t follow Fark anyone care to enlighten me on just why some are visiting?

One reply on “Fark Loves Me, Why?”

OK, finally figured this one out.

If you go to this URL and then do a search for “04:33:47”, you will hit a picture of Michael Bolton from Office Space.

Basically, some dude used a URL from the fozbaca posts on “what Office Space character are you?” to post to fark. Because that page got hit A LOT from fark, it just so happened to also grab that picture from Thus the amount of referring links.

This was not a direct link, it was just grabbing a picture. Specifically, .

Nothing to worry about here, folks. Its just hyperlinking and such. Go about your daily business. Move along, move along.

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