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WikiServer is a simple webserver Wiki as an .exe, source code provided. Probably the easiese Wiki for Windows users, from the getting something useful up and running prespective.

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Steps to install/run/use

  1. Download from, 85 KB in size
  2. Uncompress the previously downloaded file
  3. Double click the WikiServer.exe
  4. Visit http://localhost/ in your browser of choice

Steps to install/run/use a random Wiki cgi on Apache on Windows

  1. Goto and find a download link.
  2. Decide to download from a mirror or from here.
  3. Find and click the binaries link.
  4. Find and click the win32 link.
  5. Awh, crap now I have to choose which of like a dozen links to download? Fsck this I’ll go back to the other one.

Now that is why 99.99999% of the Windows users would want WikiServer over Apache with some random Wiki cgi. Also, if down the road they want to move to a more “beafy” Apache ran Wiki all the pages are stored as simple WikiText, though there is no revisioning.

It might not be so bad under a Debian box. Goto a shell as root, and type the following:
apt-get install apache twiki

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