Got Dull?

Well I was unable to convince my parents to get an iMac and they opted for a Dull instead. They are on vacation for the week so when the box arrived today I figured a good unemployeed son should set everything up to eas the experience for his retired parents, which turned out to be a good thing. I set everything up but bootup froze somewhere during the BIOS screen everytime. After messing around with it for an hour I finally broke down and called Dell’s Tech Support. Waited in hold hell for about 30 mins. Spent about an hour on the phone, most of the time telling the dude that everytime the BIOS copyright comes on the screen and says to call Dell Tech Support. Finally dude asked someone with a clue that started asking about the diagnostic leds, kinda cool from a support standpoint, wich lead to the RAM being loose.
So the morale of the story? Paying a premium for the hardware and support doesn’t really mean dick. Sad really.

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“Dude, you’re gonna get a dull!”
Sorry to hear about the lack of imac though. We (wim, collin, dana and I) went to see the os/x demo at the VANlug last night (sorry you missed it del) and they showed a bunch of cool stuff, and demos and what not. Some things I didn’t know you could do, like drag a folder from the finder into a terminal window, and have it’s full path be pasted in. Sweet. Too bad it couldn’t work the other way around as well (a la xmlterm). I’m still totally lusting after a mac, but after seeing the 24″ cinema display attached to a dual 1Ghz G4, I want that instead of just an iMac (though I look forward to seeing the 17″ version). Not being able to afford either without selling either a kidney or my girlfriend makes it a bit of a moot point though 🙂

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