Dead End IT

Intresting comment in the Is Programming a Dead End Job?

Real money always has been, and probably always will be, in starting a business and skimming off the top of other workers. Once you can pay other people less than you can get for their work, you have escaped the limit, and your “job” is no longer a dead-end.

Aside from the comment I and many of my former coworkers seem to be going through some of the same wonderings about working in the tech industry. Hell, even arcterex is looking becomming a Mountie. But to put it all into prespective there are people in the world that feel their best carear choice is becomming a bomb. Maybe being an IT worker isn’t such a bad gig.

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It really depends on who you’re working with, I think, and what the advancement opportunities are there — something you have to work out before you start with the company.
As for Arc being a Mountie… scarier things have happened… not many scarier things, but scarier things nonetheless.

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