Ridged Knowledge Management

SharePoint vs. Radio Community Server

Like most teams inside Microsoft, we have a SharePoint site set up to share information. Everyone in the team can post to the site. There are lists, calendars, and even discussion groups.
However, there’s something too rigid and formal about it. I have been trying to get the team to use the SharePoint site rather than email to capture information. So much goes on via email that is just lost.
It has not, so far, been a success.
Something about SharePoint doesn’t work for this purpose. Is it the rigid structure? I don’t think so. Is it the reliance on Office documents as the primary medium? Maybe. Is it a clunky interface that takes longer to use than writing email? That certainly plays a part.

Which is the key issue around knowledge management. Email is so easy initally but crappy in the long run then the offical Knowledge Management ssytems are just to constraining in the begining.

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That’s why something that takes those two facts into consideration, and embraces both methods is needed. A different style of thinking is required for a looser and less formal knowledge gathering system. Or maybe not?

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