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Apache::MiniWiki is an increadibly simplistic Wiki server for Apache. It doesn’t have much uses besides very simple installations where hardly any features are needed. What is does support though is; storage of Wiki pages in RCS, templates through HTML::Template, text to HTML conversion with HTML::FromText and basic authentification password changes.

And if you want to check out someone experimenting with it, wonder over to

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Apache::MiniWiki rocks! In engel speak, on a sacle of 1 to 10 this module is really done the Wiki Way!

Weighing in at 252 lines (including blank lines, excluding commands and POD documentation), to install it you only need to do two things: start up the CPAN program, run “install Apache::MiniWiki”, then paste configuration section into httpd.conf. I’m very impressed… hit the link for Foz’s and mine discussions on it.

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