Mr. G’kar, meet Mr. Dave Winer

from Dave Winer’s Scripting News

In the rush of emotion after Sept 11, I decided to do something different — I gave $100 to the Palestinian Red Crescent…

The first step to respect is to realize that these are real people, with hearts and brains, and like all people, it’s hard for them to hate people who care for them. So I highly recommend doing this . I feel really good about it.

I got my mom to give them $100 too. Now we joke about how the Bush Administration is going to round us up. I told her I thought it would be an honor to be rounded up for giving a small amount of money to help people who need help.

Open your hearts and open your wallets. Let’s help the Palestinians and at the same time help ourselves.


Note that Mr. Winer is Jewish. Think about this.