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a whole new

Well I finally made the switch from Blogger to MovableType. In the good short term it means commenting and some other coolnesses provided by MovableType. So I hope ya’ll enjoy the changes and hopefully better look, when I get around to it. Any of you who have posted in the past should have something waiting in your Inbox. Anyone else who wants to post let me know.

6 replies on “a whole new”

Specifically…forums and/or topic areas. I don’t want to see turn into another lame phpnuke site. BUT, right now I find myself contributing to other online communities more simply because their structure is more amenable to what I want to discuss. I’d like to be able to start and/or take discussions off the front page, or have forums focused on certain common topics (i.e. a place to publish movie reviews, software/game reviews, etc).

Mithrandir for now just post it, that is why you were given an account. Want catagories then add them just post it. Want a new catagory let me know, added a “reviews” just for you 🙂

Thanks Foz. I’m not complaining, and you’re right, the categories accomplish sort of the same thing. I just don’t see where categories actually have any impact. I made a Linux category post, but I can’t see any category label on it at all. Trust me, it’s no biggie. And you deserve a big pat on the back for getting the posting and comments worked out the way you have them. I’m just the eternal critic…you know.

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