Net coverage takes conventional approach

Net coverage takes conventional approach

… shadow convention ( is addressing some issues the Republican and Democratic establishments find too difficult to handle.

The shadow convention is tackling the growing scandal of campaign finance, where “one dollar, one vote” has replaced ” one person, one vote” in every way that counts. It’s examining the increasingly obvious damage that the foolish, failed drug war has inflicted on this nation.

If we the people don’t hold the parties, and government, to remorm they will not do it themselves. If we the people don’t hold the news outlets to really cover the election process why should we expect the “new media” news to be any better. We the people get what required which has become meaningless least common drivel. We the people are even letting the son of a president, ive league colleget, owner of a baseball team and oile tycone get away with being a “common man” get real.

How does that old computer saying go, “garbage in garbage out”?