Geek Rant inspired by Iam.Ca

Geek Rant inspired by Iam.Ca


I don’t wear bad glasses or suspenders and i don’t glow in the dark.

I don’t like pocket protectors and no, i don’t know Edwin, Marty or Linda in the I.T. Department at eBay, although I’m certain they’re pulling down great sallaries…

I like caffeine. I prefer to code in C or Perl, not Visual Basic, and it’s pronounced Li-nix, Line-ux or Leen-ook, whatever makes you happy.

I can proudly wear a t-shirt form another company and still look cool.

I believe in innovation, NOT obfuscation; peer review, NOT patent war, and that the penguin is a cute but fearsome animal!

Geeks are the SECOND best paid people in the world, the FIRST to be blamed for technical problems, and the ONLY reason why civilization doesn’t crumble around your ears!

My name is Jason, AND I AM A GEEK!”

Thanks Illiad