plogger ” is a cool


” is a cool little php web script. It allows you to do all things “weblog” OK, hold on Philski, what do you mean by that? What I mean is, you can create weblogs and iplogs. Weblogs are like diaries – you can write in them at will. You use a spiffy interface to manage your plogs, and add/remove/edit entries in a given plog. So you can have a plog with quotes, or with information on a trip. Or use it as a diary. And there’s the iplogs… it’s a comprehensive counter and logging functions. Damn simple to set up, insert two lines of code into any given page and you’re off. It stores not only the time of the hit and the IP, but
also the reversed IP (the hostname) and the page. This means you can have multiple pages on a single counter. They are all measures seperately, but this is cool because it gives you a simple database not a complex, clittered one. All the stats are accessible to you by a clean interface, the same one you use for plogs.”

[via GeneHack