Microsoft Asks Slashdot To

Microsoft Asks Slashdot To Remove Readers’ Posts

“Please expect a formal reply to your request that we censor our readers’ comments, which we allow them to post on Slashdot as freely as Microsoft allows user-generated content to be sent through Hotmail and through chat facilities and discussion groups hosted on servers, as soon as we receive wise counsel not only from our attorneys, but also from concerned members of the Slashdot community and other interested parties.”

Microsoft could be opening a can of worms for itself. Lots of MS servers allow the public to “post” information. Can MS adequatly make sure that nothing “illegal” runs through their systems? NO. I seem to remember some glass house story…

Best slashdot comment goes to

When in Rome..
Tell them that their concerns will be addressed in the next Service Pack for the discussion, whilch will be available 2nd quarter next year. Until then it is suggested that they disable ActiveSlashdot in their browser. Oh, and reinstall CommonSense while they’re about it.

Did the email have an attachment with a .vbs extension by any chance?”