Skin Cancer Well Suck is

Skin Cancer
Well Suck is claiming that skins suck and the skinability of Mozilla/Netscape 6 will ruin the world. But to use their own quote:

“The year 2000 is going to be 1983 all over again, with user interfaces a confusing mish-mash of whatever strikes a coder’s fancy the day before the product ships.”

which sounds like a good thing for me. The current “standard” in User Interface (UI) is far from perfect and the Mozilla XUL will allow for a new avenue in UI testing and experimentation. Sure like the desktop publishing revolution, wehre there were dozens of fonts on one page, and web revolution, where there there were dozens of colors on one page, the highly skinable Mozilla will bring out some great loads of crap to the world but it will also allow some truely usable UIs to develop and flourish.