“Popular revolt” for freeware? based

“Popular revolt” for freeware? based on conversations with Eben Moglen, FSF general counse and author of Anarchism Triumphant: Free Software and the Death of Copyright. Slashdot has a discussion. Maybe the most intresting comment

“…The majority of the people in Boston were AGAINST the boston tea party. Only a MINORITY of people wanted to seperate from Britain. Most people were HAPPY with their lives being merchants, trading, and going on with their day to day business.
It was a bunch of social miscreants that started the revolution.. a bunch of outcasts. Jefferson was a communist, Benjamin got hit by lightning and then tried to create a method of organizing his thoughts (see also: franklin series “day planners”)… and George Washington was doing the same thing Clinton was this past year.
Nonetheless, we benefited from their work.. for a few years anyway. Then the corporations took over large sections of our government, subverted the law, and generally raised hell. And before anyone knew it.. ah, well.. they’re too rich to stop now!
So.. shall we find a bunch of social outcasts again and start a revolution? That seems to be how these things work…” by Signal 11