Evidently Slade’s site has been

Evidently Slade’s site has been slashdotted. His comments have been posted on slashdot.

“Out of everyone who ever asked me for the code, everyone demanded it saying it’s his or her god-given right to the code.”

In essence yes it is their right. Not “god-given” but GPL given.

“Not a single person said they wanted it for fixing up the numerous bugs, or adding to it, or anything that the GPL is supposed to stand for.”

Wrong! He is confusing GPL with OpenSource, or more correctly the marketing campaign to gain corporate acceptance of “Free” Software. The GPL is about users, the OpenSource idea that more eyeballs on code makes it better by having potentially infinate bug fixers is a side effect to the GPL.

“So, disappointed with what the community has become, I’ve decided to take a stand, not for the purpose of avoiding the GPL(most of our sensitive code is not under the GPL so this would not be important at any rate), but to improve the condition of the GPL community as well as the gaming society as a whole.”

The “GPL community” can be very militant, no denying it. But regardless of how nice someone asks or if they actually intend, and do, fix bugs and advance the code GPL means the code has to be made avialable to users.