100 websites that will change

100 websites that will change the world
Some highlights:

  • “2 guys, $90, one web site, a simple viral mechanism, email. They created a ‘Flash Campaign’ to lobby congress to censure Clinton and move on.”
  • porn sites “Sexual attitudes 20 years from now will likely be completely different because sexual exploration by children can no longer be repressed by adults.”
  • cluetrain “If only companies (and countries) would stop acting like Marvel comic book villain-gods (Galacticus, anyone?), the whole WTO Seattle scene wouldn’t be necessary — everyone who actually *works* for the entities represented there would hear the complaints and be able to take action on them. Why aren’t they on the cluetrain?”
  • The Birth of Grey Forest Walt “Wow. Beautiful.”
    Pictures and commentary of a very natural child birth on a mountian ridge.

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