Interview: CmdrTaco and Hemos Tell

Interview: CmdrTaco and Hemos Tell All
The slashdot guys get interviewed. The question of “practicing what you preach” is brought up. Basicly the code that runs slashdot is released but it is a very old version. CmdrTaco mentions having more important things to do with their time than clean up code for release. Problem guys, release it even if the code sucks. Maybe some of that time that is taken up fixing bugs would leave if others could attack the bugs, kinda a big plus to sharing the source. It isn’t about being perfect, just do it. Posted comment on slashdot “Not to be a jerk about it, but perhaps if the process were more open, there’d be someone who would write the install scripts and whatnot for you. Making huge projects manageable is part of what open source is all about, isn’t it?”
BTW: engel you were right yesterday. I just like to argue when NT is giving me fits 🙂