A holiday gift from UserLand

A holiday gift from UserLand

“Dear EditThisPage.Com webmasters:

We’re removing the 60-day limit.

We will continue to host your EditThisPage.Com site at no charge for the indefinite future.

This offer is good for any EditThisPage.Com site created in 1999.

That means that if you already have a site, or if you create one on or before 12/31/99, you’ve got place to host it as long as we’re running EditThisPage.Com. (Subject to the terms and conditions of the usage agreement, of course.)

What does the future hold?

Let’s find out!”

Thanks for the present Dave, sorry I didn’t get you anything but maybe I can send you some traffic. I already have mine Fozbaca.EditThisPage.Com. Go and try it out.