A couple of storyies on

A couple of storyies on the trademark/domain dispute.
E-Riots Threaten

Meanwhile, a Web site supporting etoy has vowed “digital riots” and etoy itself predicted etoys risked being compromised during the busy Christmas shopping season.

Protest group out to ‘destroy’ eToys

A protest group calling for the destruction of online toy seller eToys said it already has hackers working on ways to interfere with site traffic counts and the toy seller’s server operations.

Hmm so “hackers” are threatening to mess with eToys. Usually I don’t condone web and internet defacement, other than they the laugh I recieve, but this seems to be a very valid form of protest.” If they aren’t listen sometimes you have to knock REAL HARD.” eToys ya might just be forced to start listening. BTW: I will not be “hacking” eToys 🙂