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Funniest Wiki Quote

UI-wise, Wiki is like a fun house for cheery gully dwarves, endless interconnected rooms with five-feet high ceiling and no housemaids. - Don Park's Blog
Now the quote works better if you have read the Dragon Lance Chronicles to fully understand the gully dwarf.

Wiki, Bug Tracking, CVS oh my

CVSTrac is bug and patch-set tracking system for use with CVS CVSTrac is designed for low-ceremony development - it provides mechanisms for tracking changes and bugs without unnecessary restrictions.
It also uses the most escelent SQLite. Pretty cool simple open way to get the job done.

Wikis need a Blog

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Bliki, Wiki, Chiki, Reeky? A good point about how a Weblog like interface to a Wiki does a good job of inviting, though the bigger point is the culrural issue. Wikis, especially the big successful ones, are really about the community where Weblogs are usually about an individual. Regardless a Blog interface couldn't hurt.

Now this tthinking raises a thought, what if Slashdot was more Wiki like with it's comments?

Update: There already is a Wiki Slash Plugin, SlashWiki, Slash's Wiki Plugin the article. It would probably end up as a "First Post" with lots of intresting stuff in the changes.

mod_wiki for RDF Site Summary

RDF Site Summary 1.0 Modules: Wiki
For those who like to track the recently changed pages of various wiki sources, additional fields are needed. This module adds those fields that are needed. These fields are based on what is commonly shown on RecentChanges pages of many wiki sites.
Should be intresting for any Wiki projects that currently don't have any RSS support.

50,000 and still counting

Wikipedia has over 50,000 articles. Wiki pedia is free community edit Encyclopedia and runs on a Wiki.

Wiki .EXE

WikiServer is a simple webserver Wiki as an .exe, source code provided. Probably the easiese Wiki for Windows users, from the getting something useful up and running prespective.

Perl Wiki Weblog

e_con | a Perl Wiki system with a Weblog feature. It creates a new page for the day, 2002-09-09 for example.

Wiki with Blog

Simpleface Weblog is doing a pretty Wiki way of the Weblog, take the new pages and present them in blog fashion. Some food for thought for additions for MiniWili.

Corporate Wiki

Nice Wiki in the suits article.

AxKit Wiki

AxKit now has a native Wiki. Intrestingly it uses POD (Plain Old Documentation) instead of Structured Text for it's formating language.

Release Announcement:
I've written a very simple Wiki clone using AxKit XSP. There's a live Wiki on that you can play with (and we'll be putting the AxKit docs up on there). The source code is on CPAN (just uploaded this morning, so you may have to wait for it to mirror). I think the code is a pretty nice example of an MVC-like design in XSP, with the XSP as the Controller, the XSLT as the View, and a perl module as the Model.

Inline Web Editing

ContentEditable in Mozilla, need to get working in the wiki project. Be Blogging has an example/demo.

First fiki test

Not Found

The requested URL /fiki was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.23 Server at Port 80

Intresting Wiki

decaf, Main: WebHome a nice looking twiki with some good wiki content. Check the Blue Sky and Vaporware form development ideas.

New Wiki

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Apache::MiniWiki is an increadibly simplistic Wiki server for Apache. It doesn't have much uses besides very simple installations where hardly any features are needed. What is does support though is; storage of Wiki pages in RCS, templates through HTML::Template, text to HTML conversion with HTML::FromText and basic authentification password changes.
And if you want to check out someone experimenting with it, wonder over to

Slash Wiki

Looks like chromatic has done a SlashWiki, Wiki for Slash.

You Can Do It

Extreme Programming For One
A lone software developer is working on several small to medium scale projects. He needs to increase his productivity and resilience. While his management are amicable and approachable, they tend to frown on "over-designing" a system, since it is "liable to change in the future anyway".


Could this be the first decent looking wike?
This is the IAwiki - the Information Architect's Wiki

Wiki Rules

Text Formatting Regular Expressions for the original wiki.

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional... Wabi-Sabi : For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers ISBN 1880656124

Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki ...

(Mental picture of a wiki to write a wiki in TT....)
found at [Templates] Web-site creation and management system


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Found a Wiki-Weblog, in the Wiki style meets Weblog style.


PalmWiki is a Hack program for PalmPilot and other Palm devices, which enables easy manipulation of hypertext data. The original idea came from Wiki Wiki Web ...

Corporate Collaboration With TWiki, nice

Inter Wiki because it came

Inter Wiki because it came up in a conversation on the way home from work.

Several of us at work,

Several of us at work, arcterex, cuvarak, engel and I, were having a HeatedAgreement comparing and contrasting Wiki and Everything. Well E2 definately gets points for haveing some of the most bizarre bits of information like "I shaved "the boys."" which leads to "How to shave your nuts without permanent injury and/or accidental castration". Now one may ask how I found such information? Well go atcterex threw up this link, Amusing Link of the Day., and silly me followed it. And some think Wikis are strange.

Corporate Collaboration with TWiki

TheSlumWiki so all the slummites

TheSlumWiki so all the slummites can start sharing the stories. Go at it slumites!

Found on Peer-to-Peer Journalism list:

Found on Peer-to-Peer Journalism list:
I think wiki (the concept) kicks ass, and that some unholy alliance of wiki and weblog is going to be the next big step in all this.
Here! Here! The WikiLog has some more ideas. Now what will it look like?

In case you have not caught on yet wikis and the philisophy behind them has been captivating me since engel requested one for work.
WikiLog: an attempt (currently theoretical) to synthesize the best aspects of WikiWikis and WebLogs.

Need to install a Wiki

Need to install a Wiki at work, Why Wiki Works.

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