Beard research This guy shaved

Beard research This guy shaved of 1/2 of his beard to see if it was really warmer with a bears. He has the 1/2 pic and a 6 weeks after. From my own experience facial hair is much warmer for the winter, who ever remembers to bring a scarf? [via ScriptingNews]

What is Linux Missing? and

What is Linux Missing? and a slashdot discussion. “With all of the hype in the media about Linux, you would think that by now it would be on every computer in the world. However, we all know, it’s not. While the Linux community is growing rapidly, there are still a number of drawbacks that Windows […]

On the Net, Curiosity Has

On the Net, Curiosity Has a Price: Registration “I wish people wouldn’t require log-ins for sites that don’t really need it,” Incidentally, I’m planning on adding personalization, to customize the look for the user, to but it will not be required.

Epinions on “EditThisPage is

Epinions on “EditThisPage is revolutionary because it puts the power of content management into the hands of the masses, not just those working at high-powered commercial sites.” Visit EditThisPage to signup for your own site. Hurry up if you get in before the first of the year the site will not expire in 60 […]

Privacy: The Race Is On

Privacy: The Race Is On “Personalization technologies differ in kind from traditional marketing approaches, and often follow entirely different principles. They can also be used to accomplish far more than the marketing agenda called for in the past � ultimately, connecting customers in such a way that they benefit from each other’s accumulated experience, knowledge, […]