Smells like Texas “They’ve eliminated

Smells like Texas “They’ve eliminated the middle man. The corporations don’t have to lobby the government any more. They ARE the government.” Hightower used to complain about Monsanto’s lobbying the Secretary of Agriculture. Today, Monsanto executive Ann Venamin IS the Secretary of Agriculture. Truly disgusting. What a retchid state the US is ataining under Bush. […]

Nielsen for 2004 – At

Nielsen for 2004 – At Least We’ll Know Who Won This Time, parody of the Palm Beach ballot Jacob Nielsen style. If you have been following Jacob’s rants then the brilance of the parody will be aparent.

Senate Democrats to introduce bill

Senate Democrats to introduce bill mandating Web privacy standards “Hollings primarily wants consumers to be given more access ot personal information that companies hold on them…” It is about time. If this goes through it will be a step in the right direction, but more will need to follow.

At The Crossroads by JohnKatz

At The Crossroads by JohnKatz “As a society, we can try to make cyberspace conform to the rules of physical space. Or we can recognize the extraordinary potential of this new culture, and invest cyberspace with laws and values and properties that are fundamentally different.” Embrace change or live in the past. I choose chage.