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Zope is to ...

May have gleamed the significance of Zope to the Python community. It goes something like one of those tests in highschool:
Perl is to Python like CPAN is to Zope.
There is a similar connection between Java and the Apache Java community, but it doesn't seem to be quite the ralling point as CPAN and Zope, and Java is just such a different beast.

Zope for the Perl/CGI programmer

Using Apache with ZServer (NOT

Using Apache with ZServer (NOT Zope.cgi), for the truely evil webdeveloper wanting to subvert their "No Python on my site!" bosses.

Some details on the upcoming

Some details on the upcoming ZopeBook. runs on hardware costing runs on hardware costing $1,000 or less at time of purchase. Wonder if Microsoft will ever start such a plan.

Perl For Zope I hope

Perl For Zope
I hope it is true.

Zope Benchmarks "While there are

Zope Benchmarks
"While there are some who have run benchmark tests very few have published them. I have run a ton of tests on Zope trying to figure out what the limits are in terms of Zope, hardware and a SQL database and have been urged by the DC crew to publish them."

Three Faces of XML in

Gain Zope Enlightenment By Grokking

Creating XML Applications With Zope

Creating XML Applications With Zope
Zope is an open source application server that enables you to rapidly develop applications for the Web. Zope's unique object-oriented flavor make it an interesting choice for developing XML applications: Firstly, it allows you to treat XML content as objects. Then it allows you to write applications by creating methods for your XML objects.

Zope Mozilla Initiative

Word On the Web a

Word On the Web a list of content management systems. So why isn't Zope listed? Seems to only have expensive closed source solutions.

Python.Org Redesign Contest It has

Python.Org Redesign Contest
It has to be ran through Zope2 and be maintianable by Python "champions". Deadline is Monday, February 21, 2000. It is about time that was Zope-ifed. Hope that all the designs are made avialable for use, even the unselect variety.

Learning to program [via zope

"Zope 2.1.0 beta 2 has

"Zope 2.1.0 beta 2 has been released. This release includes fixes for issues found in beta 1, an updated script and Martijn Pieters' patches to implement try/except/else and try/finally constructs in DTML. Unless something major comes up, this will be the final beta before 2.1.0 final."

Seeking the Zen of Zope

SmartWorker OpenDesk uses SmartWorker. It

OpenDesk uses SmartWorker. It seems to be a Perl way of doing the whole Zope stuff.

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