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Zempt Bookmarklet

Zempt This is a bookmarklet to post via Zempt. My only problem is editing the example to pre-populate the category.

New Zempt

There is a new version of Zempt. It addresses some of my previous problems, like having the keywords, extended, excrept, etc. as configurable options. So if your using Windows and posting to a MovableType blog Zempt might be your thing.

Bit on TackBack

Take Your TrackBacks and Dangle a negative piece on TrackBack.
In a nutshell, TrackBack was designed to provide a method of notification between websites: it is a method of person A saying to person B, "This is something you may be interested in." To do that, person A sends a TrackBack ping to person B.
For those of you using Blosxom there is Writeback which does commenting and TrackBack.

More Buttons

Steal These Buttons! has a pretty good collection of buttons/badges like the ones adorned on if you are intrested.

Logging Pattern Recognition

Well coolness someone is logging and annotating Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Now time for me to read the book.


w.bloggar a pretty good "rich" blogging client, spell checking included. It posts via the XML-RPC interface to MovableType that was added in version 1.2, so an upgrade is needed mithrandir.

World as Blog

I don't really know what it is or how it works but damm the World as a Blog is cool.
[via Sam Ruby: Blog Peeping]

Blojsom Forums - Forum which is a Blojsom templated up forum style. Probably equally doably in Blosxom as well. Like the idea, rather simple and elegant. On a related note for work I'm working on doing a CRMish thing with Blosxom, or an ASP/ASP.NET clone, and fileshares.


There is a new blog client Zepmt currently for Windows but the intention seems to be Linux and OS X. Kinda nice so far, still testing.

Gibson on Blogging

... the idea that blogging (or even posting to fora) represents the democratization of the mediated persona. Literally anyone can have one, now, or several. - William Gibson
Now where is engel's persona?

ModRewrite + Blosxom

Go from to
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^$ blosxom.cgi
RewriteRule !^blosxom\.cgi - [C]
RewriteRule (.*) blosxom.cgi/$1
mod_rewrite magic on the blosxom list.

Outlook/Exchange Blog Tool

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OutBlog, blog via Outlook and Exchange.

Serendipity of the Blog

Manufactured Serendipity
Serendipity is all about making fortunate discoveries by accident. You can't automate accidental discoveries, but you can manufacture the conditions in which such events are more likely to occur.
First thought, how my blog has recently connected me to a deceased friend's relative. How the previous sentence was the second most emotionaly difficult thing I have wrote on this site, the first being the above mentioned post.

Honestly I really have no idea why I do this. Many of the reasons mentioned in Manufactured Serendipity could apply.

Waypath Relates

iBlog, Yumm!!!

Dammit, wish I had a Mac just to play with iBlog. It appears to really do nothing new, except the .Mac tie in, but damm the screenshots make all the to be expeced in a blog desktop client so sexy looking.


Blogrouter a Mail to BloggerAPI router. Seems to be intended for Sidekick users but should work for anyone.


mod_blosxom module for Apache
The Apache module which builds the extremely lightweight Weblog environment.
Cool! that is all I got to say about that.

LinuxJournal Blogging?

Linux Journal Blog beta site, how intresting. Now if the rest of the Linux Journal staff would join Doc and aggregate it into a master mega blog.

Wikis need a Blog

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Bliki, Wiki, Chiki, Reeky? A good point about how a Weblog like interface to a Wiki does a good job of inviting, though the bigger point is the culrural issue. Wikis, especially the big successful ones, are really about the community where Weblogs are usually about an individual. Regardless a Blog interface couldn't hurt.

Now this tthinking raises a thought, what if Slashdot was more Wiki like with it's comments?

Update: There already is a Wiki Slash Plugin, SlashWiki, Slash's Wiki Plugin the article. It would probably end up as a "First Post" with lots of intresting stuff in the changes.


An Internet way of self-knowledge, Yet Another Why Blog, but this one is good.
The discipline of logging every web-article you find interesting and spelling out your reaction takes the journal in a very different direction, because unlike the private life-events of a diary, every weblog-reader can share the exact same experience of reading the web-article, and so know exactly what you're reacting to.
One for engel.
the dishonorable professions

Academia and the law often reward obfuscation as a way of making trivialities more impressive, and lies more credible.

But web-hypertext is useful to the degree that it resists obfuscation, instead laying out its insights as clearly as possible.

Blog Star Trek Humor

We are the blog, nice Star Trek blogging reference.

Homeless Guy and his Blog

A homeless guy finds a refuge on the Internet
He sits in a secluded corner at the Nashville Public Library, next to a window that overlooks glass-and-steel buildings and a small park. In front of him is a computer screen, which is a different kind of window � a window into the world where he sends his words, his thoughts, his ideas.
His is over at Kudos to Blogger for providing a service and hosting and to the Nashville Public Library for providing access.

Nice News Aggregation

NewsAggregation over at with code provided for one of your own.

Blogrolling Locally

Daily Crawl is a set of CGI scripts that allow you to track updates to a list of weblogs that you read though the update list at
Now to make it a MovableType Plugin.

Perl Wiki Weblog

e_con | a Perl Wiki system with a Weblog feature. It creates a new page for the day, 2002-09-09 for example.

Wiki with Blog

Simpleface Weblog is doing a pretty Wiki way of the Weblog, take the new pages and present them in blog fashion. Some food for thought for additions for MiniWili.

Blogging for Dollars

First Weblog Corporate Policy

Personal Website and Weblog Guidelines, nice and rational. Though if/when Groove gets bought out by one of the big boys expectit the policy to change.

EFF Blogs

EFF Weblogs (Blogs)
  • Consensus at Laywerpoint Being a true account of the undertakings of the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group (BPDG)
  • [more coming soon]

MSN Summary

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MSN is writing sumaries for some blogs,MSN Search: fozbaca
Computer and technology oriented weblog also offers news stories and humor. Read commentary and visit the many links.
[via cyborgirl]

Blog Pedigree blog's pedigree. Kinda an intresting idea. Now to see a graphical genelogy of the blogish world.

Inline Web Editing

ContentEditable in Mozilla, need to get working in the wiki project. Be Blogging has an example/demo.

API for Weblogs

Sun Blogging

MovableType Pings

Support for XML-RPC ping
We have added support in Movable Type to talk to the new XML-RPC ping interface (more information ). Rather than automatically checking for changes in all registered blogs (the old behavior), now requires that an XML-RPC ping be sent to mark the blog as changed.


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Found a Wiki-Weblog, in the Wiki style meets Weblog style.

New Interface New Thoughts

Noticing how switching form Blogger to MovableType has changed the internal, brain wise, processes and thoughts that go into posting to It will be intresting to see how it turns out.

a whole new

Well I finally made the switch from Blogger to MovableType. In the good short term it means commenting and some other coolnesses provided by MovableType. So I hope ya'll enjoy the changes and hopefully better look, when I get around to it. Any of you who have posted in the past should have something waiting in your Inbox. Anyone else who wants to post let me know.

MovableType released.

MovableType released.

Movable Type :: Personal Publishing

Movable Type :: Personal Publishing System, and an interview, Introducing MovableType, on WriteTheWeb.
Mena: Multiple blogs are really an important feature for me, not only to enable multiple visible online journals, but for the ability to manage disparate sources of content in the backend, then join them seamlessly into one "superblog".
Ah, the "superblog" something engel might enjoy.

Flogger has been renamed, and

Flogger has been renamed, and relinkeed, Jogger "a Jabber powered weblog".

Jabber DevZone announcement on Flogger,

Jabber DevZone announcement on Flogger, think Blogger meets Jabber. And know arcterex it wasn't me trying to be real cool "thing jabber" and all that, just a dropped " :) "A quick and dirty "A quick and dirty implementation of the Blogger API" for Perl.

Blogger API implemented in XML-RPC.

Blogger API implemented in XML-RPC.

When should blogs publish private

When should blogs publish private e-mails?
I usually ask permission when quoteing email or icq/jabber/irc but as a courtsy not a rule.

The only time i would definately require permission is if the message, email or icq etc, was sent encrypted. The rational, anything sent in clear text is already kinda public. If you don't want something public then encrypt it.

Found on Peer-to-Peer Journalism list:

Found on Peer-to-Peer Journalism list:
I think wiki (the concept) kicks ass, and that some unholy alliance of wiki and weblog is going to be the next big step in all this.
Here! Here! The WikiLog has some more ideas. Now what will it look like?

In case you have not caught on yet wikis and the philisophy behind them has been captivating me since engel requested one for work.
WikiLog: an attempt (currently theoretical) to synthesize the best aspects of WikiWikis and WebLogs.

How to manage your site

Jennicam blogs. Have we

Jennicam blogs. Have we mentioned this?
[via evhead]

"The Indigestible is a WebLog

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