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Yahoo Mail Plus Upgrades?

When checking my Yahoo Mail today I got
  • No graphical ads
    When you're using the Mail web interface, your experience will be even more enjoyable.
  • Streamlined interface
    Makes using your mail even easier.
  • Virtually unlimited storage
    A whopping 2GB means you should never have to worry about managing storage again! Keep thousands of messages, photos, and documents � think of it as your online archive.
Though none of those features are appearing yet. Great to see Gmail competition bring some features to Yahoo Mail.

Update: Currently barely able to read my mail, keep getting the above new feature list after each read. Looks like the above mentioned feature rollout is running into some difficulties.

OmniWeb's Tabs

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Damm I really like OmiWeb's Tabs. Very much what I was hoping to see when posting. Still waiting form a crude version for Mozilla/Firebrand to enter the sceen.

Update: There is a preview page of OmniWeb5's features with release info. Alas the public bets isn't due til February 2, 2004.

Back for Tabs

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Oh, my god just to fsck'n cool, back for tabs, all by a bookmarkles doing refer stuff. Now for it to be part of the default UI behavior for tabbed borwsers.

Network Attached Storage


Firstly I know that what I'm looking for can be done DIY with pretty much any Linux distribution but the solution should be something that survives if I'm gone.

I'm looking for a Network Attached Storage(NAS) solution. It will need to support SMB, NFS, FTP and HTTP have a built in or easily attached tape backup, have at lease a web based administration and be a plug in and forgetabout it, except for changing daily tape backups. There should also be at lease 2 drives RAID'd for redundacy. Linksys has something close, the EtherFast� Network Attached Storage but no apparent tape backup option.

So anyone have some good suggestions?

Web 2.0

Portals in space is either really intresting or total bullshit. I'm still trying to decide.

Web Developer Tool

Found a nice add on, Web Developer Extension, for Firebirs/Phoenix. Kinda a best bookmarklets all in one.

Font Switch

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Switched my Phoenix/Firebird default fonts to the Bitstream Vera Fonts and damm what a joyous experience. Dare I say it almost feels Mac like, that certian something is subtelly different in a good way feeling.

Flash Map

IndyJunior Flash Mapping Module, you supply a XML file of the Latitude and Longidude and the flasho does the mapping. Now to dig up cooridinates for my many road trips.

Searching for Search

This is a call to all the homies out there. I'm currently in search of a website search engine that will handle PDFs as well as text and HTML, oh and it needs to be free. Currently I have only found ht://Dig that fits the criteria.

Tabs Redefined

Intresting idea for a Possible Implementation of Tabs in Safari. Not sure if it is exactly what I would want but my love for tabs in a web browser is just from it being the better than all the other ways I have tried to manage 10+ pages at a time.

Aggregation in Java

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Flock is an RSS aggregator written in Java. It is a server-side web application accessible with a browser, similar in spirit to AmphetaDesk .
Looks to do alot of what I'm looking for in an aggregator. But there are a few problems, Tomcat(Servelet Engine), JRE and the need publicly avialable sever that has previously mentioned to run it all on. The elguapo of the Java web app situation is there are many intresting Wiki, Blog, Gallery, Aggregator, etc., projects but the whole Java/Tomcat is a real PITA on a shared server.

Maybe when I get broadband and can go back to an always on connection it will be more fesiable. Well that is unless arcterex decides to but Tomcat on


Googlism, just ask
Googlism for: fozbaca
fozbaca is closest
fozbaca is right
fozbaca is having a
fozbaca is
Googlism for: brian lauer
brian lauer is a 1999 journalism
brian lauer is our knowledge management librarian

Lunchmeat, but where is the Ramen

The Web Deli - Lunchmeat Webpage backgrounds now I just need one of a pot of Ramen for The Slum during Ramathon this year.

Markup Background

The Secret Life of Markup
The average reader - one not raised by wolves, or, worse, by rabid advocates of Standard Generalized Markup Language during the heyday of SGML - may not clearly understand the concepts of Semantics, Structure, Markup, Content, Style, Transformation, and Presentation. Heck, I'm not sure many of us did back then either, but we've had a few years to think about it.
A little basic at times but averall an all around good sumary of the markup situation.

XSLT AbiWord to HTML

A command line app written in Java which, using the Xalan XML parser and an XSLT stylesheet, allows you to convert native AbiWord, (*.abw), files into HTML pages. Features include being able to convert a single file or batch convert a directory of files and turning http:// web address references into anchor tags under HTML. For more information see the README and CHANGELOG files.
Kinda cool, but as another idea how about a MovableType plug-in that takes a .abw file upload and translates it to embeded (X)HTML?

Wiki .EXE

WikiServer is a simple webserver Wiki as an .exe, source code provided. Probably the easiese Wiki for Windows users, from the getting something useful up and running prespective.

Cocoon Resource - Your Guide to Apache Cocoon This site is intended to provide tutorials, how-to's, best practise guides and other information not covered by the official Cocoon documentation. It is directed mainly to new Cocoon users, but if you're working with Cocoon for some time you may find some useful information here, too. Looks like a good resource of Cocoon is your thing.

Java Text Search for Websites

Jakarta Lucene
Jakarta Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform.
It might help tig with his search problem at work.

Nice News Aggregation

NewsAggregation over at with code provided for one of your own.

Cuthulu Search

Cthuugle Ph'nglui Search Fhtagn! think Google for Lovecraft works and stuff online.

RSS to Sidebar

DJ rocks, Sidebars, Mozilla, RSS: old and new, damm that is just way too cool.

Good Stuff from the W3C

Donations for Answers

affero: the company
Activate Your Email Signature to Help the Causes You Support
May provide a start to some of the ideas to keep independent content through patrionage.

Howto Web Write

Jackie and Accessiability

Great accessiability story, Day 1: Jackie, over on dive into mark


Weblog Neighbourhood Explorer with Blogdex for via DJ's Weblog.

Inline Web Editing

ContentEditable in Mozilla, need to get working in the wiki project. Be Blogging has an example/demo.

Get Your 3DHTML Action On

3dhtml - A DHTML Toolkit for 3D Applications. There is even a pretty sexy Solar System Example.

An Oldie but a Goodie

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A Standard for Site Organization
A selection of well-chosen and well-named root-level directories, implemented across as many sites as possible, would go a long way toward easing the complexities of navigating unfamiliar sites, no matter how good (or bad) their fundamental design.

Inline Referrs

A simple in page Referrals mixing some JavaScript and old school Perl. One of these days I'm going to do something like this with fozbaca, maybe after the Game Demo is finished.

XSLT Everywhere

XSLT-Based Websites
XSLT leveraged during design-time and run-time can result in faster time to market, easier maintenance, and support for multiple HTML flavors

Xopus Editor, Teplace the Text Area

Xopus is our wysiwyg browser based XML editor.

Xopus is easy to use and to implement.
For input it requires data (XML), style (XSLT) and rules (Schema).
Xopus performs some magic on this and turns it into an editor.

So inline WYSIWYG editing, coolness. There is a demo, but it requires IE5.5 or up for now. And it is soposed to be going OpenSource.
[via be blogging]

Google Outliner Browser

Welcome to the GoogleBrowse and star with

One for the Designs

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CSS Rant With a Point

Rant on CSS bitching
I've gotten some interesting email on the subject, but let me be a little blunt. If you're not a client-side developer -- that is, if your world does not revolve around things like markup, CSS, JavaScript and basically what goes on in the client -- I respectfully ask that you sit down and shut up.

Here's an illustration: I know a handful of PHP, a smidgen of Perl, and I've installed Apache exactly once. Do I then go to my IT department and hold forth on the shortcomings of their system? No.

Berners-Lee and the Semantic Web

"The Indigestible is a WebLog

Wanna download web pages/sites to

Wanna download web pages/sites to your PalmOS device? Sitescooper maybe the answer. Still trying it out.
An XML-Driven Multi-Form Message Board
Looks intresting.

b. is a Web-based manager

is a Web-based manager for Web bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in an XML file. Operations on the data are done with Perl scripts.

httpd, webserver, for the PalmOS

The Web the Way It

The Web the Way It Was
"Thanks to new easy-to-use software, the number of weblogs on the Net seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate."
will be pointing to this one.
Scripting News]

DaveNet: How to Make Money

DaveNet: How to Make Money on the Internet
A very good DaveNet. Some excerpts:
"So, a shared vision? I thought about this for a few hours. I tried to imagine the leaders of the Internet industry sitting in a room and arriving at a shared vision. Is it possible? I thought about Steve Case and Bill Gates. Case is clearly trying to steer the users into the proprietary AOL world, instead of pushing them to the Web. Gates wants to emphasize the power of desktop computers, with all their RAM and disk space, and of course Microsoft's 20+ year investment in operating system software for desktop software.

Could Gates and Case get on a stage and share a joint vision that's anything more than lip service? Not now. Maybe in a few years, but certainly not in time to make a difference in the battle to keep the Internet open and free. Add the other personalities of the industry, Andy Grove, John Chambers, Scott McNealy, Masayoshi Son, Larry Ellison, John Doerr, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, the list goes on and on, and it seems clear that nothing less than an external redefinition of the purpose of technology could get these men into agreement.

Then I realized that such an externally defined vision had already been forced on the technology industry. The standards of the Internet, HTTP, HTML and URLs; and perhaps XML, which is a simple formalization of HTML. To go to the next step the leaders of technology merely have to agree to stop struggling against these standards, and to share the knowledge they have developed around them. The web is ready-made for a shared vision. All that remains is for two or more of the leaders of the Internet industry to get what Clinton, Schwab and Davos are asking them to do.


How will the patent economy effect open source projects? I was the only member of the open source world in that room. And I was shattered by the greed. After all, isn't there enough money for people who create successful Internet startups like Priceline.Com? Why do we have patents anyway? Is this system, designed for industrial processes, still applicable given the instant gratification reward system for Internet entreprenuers? When your company has a market cap in the billions, is it anything other than unmitigated greed to ask for even more money, for filing a piece of paper with a government?


He asks the audience a question. How many of you believe there is an Internet Bubble? 70 percent say yes. Now, how many believe the Internet industry will be worth more than the PC industry? Every hand goes up. Now he points out the contradiction. All the dot-com companies represent $1 trillion in value. The PC companies are worth $6 trillion. So if you believe your own logic, the bubble won't happen at least until stock values go up six-fold. Of course the trick is to pick the winners, but it's sure that Son-San will win. Not only is he long on E-Trade, he's also starting his own all-electronic stock market! No trading floor. He doesn't pause to catch his breath. Right on.


We learned about the aspirations of refugees, they want choice, freedom, hope.


'I have something important to say,' I said, and all the faces in the room turned to me. 'The Internet is not about money. I've been inspired as you have by what I've learned from people on the Internet, from their creativity, humanity, hopes and frailty. Don't give up on the Internet, it is for you.'"

Sorry for all the quoting but there is lots of good stuff in there. Read it, if nothing else than the conclusion, "How to Make Money on the Internet".

Damm I want to be invited to Davos some day.

Will Browsers Ever Not Suck?

Will Browsers Ever Not Suck?
Will the promise of XML, xHTML, and Mozilla ever come true?

Weblog Monitor's XML-based Backend

The XML Bookmark Exchange Language

The XML Bookmark Exchange Language Resource Page (XBEL)
"The XML Bookmark Exchange Language, or XBEL, is an Internet "bookmarks" interchange format. It was designed by the Python XML Special Interest Group on the group's mailing list. "

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