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Python Tips

The 10 Python pitfalls are a good list of tips for those being early into the Python experience.

Zope is to ...

May have gleamed the significance of Zope to the Python community. It goes something like one of those tests in highschool:
Perl is to Python like CPAN is to Zope.
There is a similar connection between Java and the Apache Java community, but it doesn't seem to be quite the ralling point as CPAN and Zope, and Java is just such a different beast.

Nice News Aggregation

NewsAggregation over at with code provided for one of your own.

GUI Python

Graphical User Interface with Python a review of all the GUI options with Python code.

Python For Games

Python for Massively Multiplayer Virtual Worlds, if you are reading engel maybe Python is the way to go for the game idea.

Python Introduction

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition a Python tutorial over on, which is something on my to study list while finding a new job and deciding where to live.

Parrot 0.0.1 is Released, which

Parrot 0.0.1 is Released, which is the new Vitrual Machine for Perl 6, and posiable other scripting ish languages such as Python.

Using Apache with ZServer (NOT

Using Apache with ZServer (NOT Zope.cgi), for the truely evil webdeveloper wanting to subvert their "No Python on my site!" bosses.

So you want to How

So you want to How To Think Like a Computer Scientist?
These texts are short introductions to Computer Science in three programming languages.

A simple CMS lets you

A simple CMS lets you edit the contents of a page from a templated mechanism using SSI.

Python to Palm Port Downloading

Python to Palm Port
Downloading now.

Migrating from Perl to Python

ActiveState Selects Mozilla Platform for Komodo: Will develop multi-language cross-platform IDE
�Our contributions to the Mozilla open source effort will start with adding Python and Perl bindings to XPCOM, Mozilla's component architecture. This change will open the Mozilla architecture and eventually make it available to Perl and Python programmers.�
I hope this gets Perl and Python into the main Mozilla distribution.
[via CamWorld]

ApachePDA I can't believe it,

ApachePDA I can't believe it, well maybe that is not totally true. Now I can play with Apache on my Visor, come on Perl or Python for the PDA/PalmOS.

What If Python Replaced Elisp?

A Perl Hacker in the

Python.Org Redesign Contest It has

Python.Org Redesign Contest
It has to be ran through Zope2 and be maintianable by Python "champions". Deadline is Monday, February 21, 2000. It is about time that was Zope-ifed. Hope that all the designs are made avialable for use, even the unselect variety.

Python Grimoire the Python version

Python Advocacy HOWTO one of

Python Advocacy HOWTO one of these days I will dig into Python. It sounds cool and all but for the time being I will be sticking with Perl. Perl has always solved my programing needs, work pays me to do Perl stuff, and my ISP has Perl acces via the shell and cgi.

The XML Bookmark Exchange Language

The XML Bookmark Exchange Language Resource Page (XBEL)
"The XML Bookmark Exchange Language, or XBEL, is an Internet "bookmarks" interchange format. It was designed by the Python XML Special Interest Group on the group's mailing list. "

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