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Whant Some?

Originally uploaded by fozbaca.

Charlotte sharing her Jello with the table, chair, floor, wash cloth, camera, face, hair, ...

Martin Luther King Jr. and how it was.

Most days it is hard to imagine a US where it could occur and did sometimes daily.



via: The Last Days of Martin Luther King Photo Essay

Australia 2005 Great Photo Upload Began

I have began the great photo upload from my recent, and still massively jet lagged, work trip to Australia. The date/time and orientations should be correct. I will be going back and photomerging many of the outdoor shots for some hopefully stunning outdoor shots. They are broken into five albums, Sydney, Hunter Valley (Horse Country), Melbourne, Wine Country outside Melbourne and LAX. Of special note are the photos of me on the Sydney Harbor Bridge with BridgeClimb, at the FooBar, the Koalas and all those iPod Shuffle 1 and Apple Store signs.

Australia Photos

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Some Australian photos on flickr. When I get back to the states I'll upload the whole archive, close to a thousand pics :)

Acropolis Amphitheater PhotoMerge

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Acropolis Amphitheater PhotoMerge

Finally got around to doing the photo merge from the Acropolis Amapatheater. Next time I will have to take more pics with more overlap.

Update: I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 to stich up the pics.

XSLT Photo Gallery

Picfolio is a static photo gallery generator using XML and XSLT. It has built-in support for thumbnail and midnail generation, and optional support for EXIF data in images.
Very intresting...

Windows Web Album Generator

Welcome to the home of Web Album Generator, a free software application that helps you publish your digital photos to the web.

Photo of the Day

"What we've got here is failure to communicate. " - Captain, Road Prison 36 in Cool Hand Luke


A shot of picketing AllTel striker heading in before the storm.

The fore story. After the lightning storm, happens all the time around here, Tuesday night we were without phone or data communication at the office. The oh so normally speedy AllTel repair, insert much laughter at such an absurd statement, was delayed. Oh and I forgot to mention that there was some sabotage in the works as well, FBI staking out telecommunion equipment. The net effect was 2 whole buisness days with no communication and fozbaca on the cele getting medival.

Snap Club

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Here's how it works:
  1. You get yourself a camera.
  2. You carry it with you everywhere you go, every day.
  3. You take pictures of everything. Don't wait for art to happen, just keep pressing the little button.
  4. You come here and share, share, share.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 as often as possible.
When you're ready to get started, just click on "Join" up there at the top.
Snap Club

I like the idea, find the art in the chaos.

Daily Photo


Darren has put out a challenge for daily photos. Don't think it will be a daily exercise but who knows.

Here goes a first Photo of the day, the stallion barn and incomming summer storm which took out the electric for 4+ hours.


Photo MetaData

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Reading a recent rant on the state of personal digital photos lead me for a search of more EXIF editing info on windows and the find...
Photo Studio is also an invaluable tool for exploring the meta data stored along with your image files. The program supports a wide variety of meta data standards, including EXIF, CIFF, Olympus, JFIF and Photoshop. EXIF data will be of particular interest to digital camera users - it is the format used by most digital cameras to store camera settings along with an image.

Fixing Digital Pics

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Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
You've heard this before: Digital cameras do all the work. You just push the button and great pictures magically appear. The better the camera, the better the photos. Isn't that right? Heck no!
Tell me about it, correcting digital photos is a real pita!

Goddaughter the Photographer

  1. Cheap digital camera
  2. 3 1/2 old Goddaughter
  3. Babysitting on evening
  4. priceless
Well they do look like a 3 year old took the pics but some of you out there might find them cute.

Fozbaca's Gallery

Decided it was time to galerise my digital photos. First up is BAIM 1.0, Big Ass Italian Meal, which was up in simpler form, and the pics from my parents visit/vacation. Also finally took some old rols of film to be developed so maybe there will be more, like from my cross country drives.
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