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*fuck mod_perl

Don't agree but gotta love the attitude.

Simple CMS

Perls of wisdom in a sea of site mismanagement
What sort of tools does Berk have in mind? Perl scripts, for instance. A tiny technical team armed with Perl scripts and an Oracle database ran the first sites he worked on back in the mid-1990s. Berk recalls his fascination as he saw larger and larger teams implementing more and more complex platforms in the late 1990s and early 2000s to achieve essentially the same result.
Sounds about right.

Perl Advent Calendar

Another year, another The 2003 Perl Advent Calendar

CPAN April Fooled

For those of you that will get it, run your browser over to CPAN. Much haliarity ensues for the Perl geeks out there.

I have a screenshot if you missed it live:

ModRewrite + Blosxom

Go from to
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^$ blosxom.cgi
RewriteRule !^blosxom\.cgi - [C]
RewriteRule (.*) blosxom.cgi/$1
mod_rewrite magic on the blosxom list.

Camel POOP

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A nice Perl OOP intro article, Camel POOP: Object Oriented Programming in Perl, over on evolt.

RSS in your MovableType

mt-rssfeed v1.0, is a MovableType plugin that provides a series of tags for retrieving an RSS feed and inserting it into a MovableType template.
A nice MovableType plugin that I don't have a use for yet.

Scraper and Portal builder

Cheesegrater & the Portalizer, Cheesegrater for scraping to RSS then Portalizer to convert it all into a nice page.

RSS via Email

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FetchRss for RSS via Email.

Zope is to ...

May have gleamed the significance of Zope to the Python community. It goes something like one of those tests in highschool:
Perl is to Python like CPAN is to Zope.
There is a similar connection between Java and the Apache Java community, but it doesn't seem to be quite the ralling point as CPAN and Zope, and Java is just such a different beast.

Perl can Try, Catch and Throw

Object Oriented Exception Handling in Perl, how to use to allow Perl to try, catch and throw like the Java anc C++ worlds.

Journal Post vis SOAP

Making Journals from Emacs, take The SOAP Journal API (which will probably be running on all SlashCode based sites, A Simple Perl Client And In The Lisp-ness Bind Them.

Year Calendars

With a little help from brad choate's Year Archives in MT and PerlScript Plugin there are now Yearly Calendars of posts. Not really sure if they are useful to anyone but it was just one of those "Damm that is cool" moments so I had to set it up.

DBI FAQ is Alive

DBI FAQ is back up.

Embeding Web Servers in Perl

Embedding Web Servers in Perl apps.

Perl Wiki Weblog

e_con | a Perl Wiki system with a Weblog feature. It creates a new page for the day, 2002-09-09 for example.

ewok CMS

ewok is a web content management system (CMS), written in Perl (Embperl)...
Would have been real handy back in the dayn at Merilus.

Perl Club

the rules of perl club

The First Rule of Perl Club
You do not talk about Perl Club

The Second Rule of Perl Club
You do not talk about Perl Club

Third Rule of Perl Club
A laptop crashes, breaks, runs down. The hack is over

Fourth Rule of Perl Club
Only two programmers to a pair

Fifth Rule of Perl Club
One bug at a time

Sixth Rule of Perl Club
No Java, no VB

Seventh Rule of Perl Club
Hacks will go on as long as they have to

Eighth, and Final Rule of Perl Club
If this is your first night at Perl Club, you have to hack

Python for Perl folks

Getting Loopy with Python and Perl, and maybe with the recently found Python books in my parent's basement I'll give Python another try.

AxKit Wiki

AxKit now has a native Wiki. Intrestingly it uses POD (Plain Old Documentation) instead of Structured Text for it's formating language.

Release Announcement:
I've written a very simple Wiki clone using AxKit XSP. There's a live Wiki on that you can play with (and we'll be putting the AxKit docs up on there). The source code is on CPAN (just uploaded this morning, so you may have to wait for it to mirror). I think the code is a pretty nice example of an MVC-like design in XSP, with the XSP as the Controller, the XSLT as the View, and a perl module as the Model.

mod_perl and ISPs

Web Calendar/PIM

Web Calendar a slick Perl CGI, mod_perl able, Calendar and general Orgainzer.

Parrot 5

It was the dawning of the second age of parrotkind, ten weeks after the great GC war. The Parrot Project was a dream given form. Its goal: To prevent language wars by creating an interpreter where perl and other languages could reside peacefully... It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last best hope for peace. This is the story of the latest of the Parrot releases. The year is 2002. The name of the tarfile is Parrot 0.0.5.
For all of the Babylon 5 and Perl crowd out there.

Perl Meet SVG

Server-Side SVG Generation using perl and the SVG module

SVG and perl are a perfect fit for the generation of dynamic content-rich images. Perl-based SVG webservices with the module emable truly scalable, cross-platform, database-enabled client-server applications with low total cost of ownership

[via Some Pure-perl SVG applications]

Perl Window Manager

Perltop: Desktop environment

Perltop is a project to make a Unix desktop comparable to the user interface aspects of gnome and kde, using gtk/perl. The HCI of Perltop is modelled on the MacOS 9 finder.

Need to give it a try. Good basic concepts.
[via genehack]

XML Questions?

A Sig

It is by Perl alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the regex of Larry that the code acquires flexibility, the flexibility enables obscurity, the obscurity generates a warning. It is by Perl alone I set my mind in motion.
Calle Dybedahl, in the Scary Devil Monastery
Found in genehack's sig

First fiki test

Not Found

The requested URL /fiki was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.23 Server at Port 80

AxKit Docs

AxKit Guide
This document is a guide to the ins and outs of using AxKit
And incase you were wondering what is AxKit here is a blurg from the site:
Apache AxKit is an XML Application Server for Apache. It provides on-the-fly conversion from XML to any format, such as HTML, WAP or text using either W3C standard techniques, or flexible custom code. AxKit also uses a built-in Perl interpreter to provide some amazingly powerful techniques for XML transformation.

New Wiki

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Apache::MiniWiki is an increadibly simplistic Wiki server for Apache. It doesn't have much uses besides very simple installations where hardly any features are needed. What is does support though is; storage of Wiki pages in RCS, templates through HTML::Template, text to HTML conversion with HTML::FromText and basic authentification password changes.
And if you want to check out someone experimenting with it, wonder over to

Perl, XML, PDF oh my

XML::Handler::AxPoint - AxPoint XML to PDF Slideshow generator
This module is a port and enhancement of the AxKit presentation tool, AxPoint. It takes an XML description of a slideshow, and generates a PDF. The resulting presentations are very nice to look at, possibly rivalling PowerPoint, and almost certainly better than most other freeware presentation tools on Unix/Linux. The presentations support slide transitions, PDF bookmarks, bullet points, source code (fixed font) sections, images, colours, bold and italics, hyperlinks, and transition effects for all the bullet points, source, and image sections.
And some examples.

The 0th Issue

The Perl Review has it's first or 0 th issue out in PDF.

To Read

Templates Everywhere

Donations Supporting Donations

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DynDNS has donated $20,000 to the PerlFoundation, as reported over at use Perl;. Like the comment:
Don't know about you guys, but this astounds me. A volunteer-run, user donation-supported organization funding volunteers for a free software project.
Puts the corporate world to shame.
Which reminds me I should be sending both a donation.

Slash Wiki

Looks like chromatic has done a SlashWiki, Wiki for Slash.

CGI Luv'n

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Why Lisp? or "The Right Tool For The Job"

A short one on why Lisp is the be all and end all. A bit of trash talk about Perl, C and Java.

Perl Book Review

Perl & XML On developerWorks

Wiki Rules

Text Formatting Regular Expressions for the original wiki.

Templatisation oh Bugzilla

Looks like Bugzilla is going to get templatised viz Template::Toolkit, Bugzilla Status Update October 19, 2001 check out Templatisation. It may not seem like much at first but it opens whole avenues of potential, like proper XML outpub when quering bugs. Lots of potential there.


Pretty good article over on about how eToys used the Apache/mod_perl combo to much sucess. Especially liked the bit about Java-ish exeption handeling in Perl


With Chronicler it's simple to create, update and maintain your own archive of web pages such as a personal diary or journal, or even a daily magazine.
Looks to be a nice simple CGI storing XML in the filesystem.

Introduction to simple uses of

10 steps to becoming a

According to this HowTo it

According to this HowTo it looks like AbiWord may have Perl bindings and there are even some examples in the source tree.

Apocalypse 3, the third what's

Apocalypse 3, the third what's new about Perl6, is out.

Petition for Apple to

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