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Excuse me while I cry

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Oh, my emotional state, sadness, depression, anger, disalusionment. My faith in the eternal goodness of man, that we are really great, is faltering. Seeing the popular vote leads me to one of two conclusions. The majority of voting Americans have either been dupped beyond there intelect or are comprised of some of the worst of humanity disguised in smiles. I am not sure which is worse. And I don't know which I fear worst or what I can do to change either.

Excuse me while I cry...

Way to go John Stewart

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Oh the irony. John Stewart Bitchslaps Crossfire and ther retort, saying he softballed John Kerry. So now even the journalists are treating The Daily Show as a serious source of news. Do yourself a favor and get the show by BitTorrent or read the transcript.

On a related note I picked up America (The Book) which is turning into a real work of art. Totally styled like a school text book but probably more informative. And there is a forward from Thomas Jefferson,

P.S. Oh, and is it true Halle Berry is once again single? If so, I'd be forever in your debt if you would put in a good word for T.J. Oh how I loves the mochachina.

Oh, the humor and education in just a P.S.

Great Cuthulu For Sale

There is a Cuthulu statue for sale, just $3900.

Butts popular at the Olympics

Might be a clue for improving Olympic spectator attendance.
6 of the 10 most emailed images from Yahoo are of Female Olympic Athlete's Butts. Seems that the Beach Volleyball is pretty popular amongst some this year!
Olympic Babes Images Among Most Emailed from Yahoo

Hollywood Mars Landing

Wishes for the New Year

Tis the season for retrospectives and wishes for the future. Wired's 101 Ways to Save the Internet is actually a pretty good list. Though a MP3 player with something more than a gig but less than the current iPod offering storage for $100 would be nice.

Johnny Cash dead at 71

Johnny Cash.jpg

Country legend Cash dies
Cash died in hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, after complications from diabetes, which resulted in respiratory failure, his manager Lou Robin said.


He become as famous for his image as an outlaw figure, for playing in prisons and creating the myth of the Man in Black, his semi-official nickname.
The man will be misses but the music keep us moving on.

Modern Slavery

On first seeing the link I was expecting something about cubical life being slavery but this is the real thing.
There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The modern commerce in humans rivals illegal drug trafficking in its global reach´┐Żand in the destruction of lives.
from 21st-Century Slaves

WWI Site

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First World site about the war to end all wars.

Time on the Worms

Time has a not bad article, Attack of the World Wide Worms, covering the current worm and virus situation. It does a good job explaining the technical bits and should make a good referal for the non-techies.

Fair and Balanced

Since Fox is neither fair nor balanced, the notion that these people could have won a trademark on the expression -- which they did -- is mostly testament to the continuing incompetence at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. But Fox's lawsuit is entirely testament to the arrogance of Murdoch's minions and the growing idiocy of the legal system.
I commend Fox for all the hard work in promoting its unfair, unbalanced entertainment (calling it "news" is a bit much). It certainly is drawing an audience, and as a shill for the Bush White House it's downright competent.
Way to go Dan Gillmor, on Fox sueing Al Frankin over his new book.

Fair and Balanced

Since Fox is neither fair nor balanced, the notion that these people could have won a trademark on the expression -- which they did -- is mostly testament to the continuing incompetence at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. But Fox's lawsuit is entirely testament to the arrogance of Murdoch's minions and the growing idiocy of the legal system.
I commend Fox for all the hard work in promoting its unfair, unbalanced entertainment (calling it "news" is a bit much). It certainly is drawing an audience, and as a shill for the Bush White House it's downright competent.
Way togo Dan Gillmor, on Fox sueing Al Frankin over his new book.

daggurl up and running

I just wanted everyone to know three things:

1) the site is now up at

2) Hurray for Joe! WOOHOO!! Much excitement at the Bensalem Bungalow.

3) Just wanted to tell Natalie that I really miss her and love her.

Indy DVD

It is offical, Indiana Jones on DVD is due out November 4th. It will include the trilogy and bonous disc will have interviews and such, about 10 hours. About damm time. Now for my original Star Wars trilogy on DVD without the horendous Gredo shooting first. I can dream.

Weight Loss

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slashdot brings up the weight loss card and the Stanford researchers review efficacy and safety of low-carbohydrate diets which hits the weight management on the head While these diets are effective in the short term, weight loss results from reduced calories, not carbohydrate restriction. Removing carbs is just one way to remove calories. The study was short term, 90 days or less. I would really like to see something long term on what is really a healthy diet for humans now that we live longer than a handful of decades.

One of the comments had a link to The 5BX Plan For Physical Fitness which was something the wrestling teamin highschool followed.

Paper Display

Siemens Innovations Paperlike Display now that is the way to do a PDA.

Jackson to do King Kong

Peter Jackson will direct a remake of "King Kong" when he's finished work on "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King."
Acording to the United Press International: Hollywood Digest. Coolness, so who will be cast as Kong's love intrest and what will the CGI Kong look like?

War Map

One for those cartographers out there TroopTracker is a map if Iraq with rough locations of forces and what is going on. Kinda makes me wish for the days when I was planningon being a Geographic Infomation System geek.
[via Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog ]

Jdbgmgr.exe file hoax

Part of my move back to the world of Windows means having to deal with lots of users confused by the virus hoax.
Symantec Security Response encourages you to ignore any messages regarding this hoax. It is harmless and is intended only to cause unwarranted concern. - Symantec
To put things into prospective, they have to deal with being on the eve of a war with Iraq.

Happy Birthday Mister Cash

Heard on NPR this morning that today is Johnny Cash's 71 birthday. On a related note finally saw a video of Johnny Cash singing Nine Inch Nail's Hurt, a definate must see.

The Terror isn't in the Gas

A Soldier's Viewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks
What I hope you've gathered by this point is that a chemical weapons attack that kills a lot of people is incredibly hard to do with military grade agents and equipment so you can imagine how hard it will be for terrorists. The more you know about this stuff the more you realize how hard it is to use.
Like most things terror is in the mind more than reality.

Corporations Lie?

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 18:26:33 -0800 (PST) From: "delmar watkins" Subject: important: read and post!! To:

oh, and by the way.

good luck.

I say Hear Hear, go read Now Corporations Claim The "Right To Lie". It is not bad enough that they lie to thier owners, share holders, but now they want the "right" to lie to us all.

Futurama on DVD

Futurama and Family Guy finally get some respect from Fox
(December 12, 2002), it will probably disapear soon.

Two programs on The Fox Network have long been ignored to the point of cancellation; the fresh if always envelope pushing The Family Guy and the surrealistic Futurama. Finally, both shows will be getting released on DVD as Season One box sets this Spring.

The Futurama set will contain all the episodes from the first season as well as many extras which bear a resemblance to the Simpsons box sets which come from the same creators. Audio commentary from various sources will accompany every episode. Also included are some deleted scenes, a featurette (which if like other Fox featurettes, will be part of a larger documentary), animatics, scripts and storyboards for the first episode "Space Pilot 3000" and a still gallery.
The Family Guy will also contain all the episodes from the first season and as well as television spots for each episode and audio commentaries on the episodes "Death Has A Shadow", "The Son Also Draws", " Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater", "Holy Crap", "Fifteen Minutes Of Shame", "Let's Go To The Hop", " He's Too Sexy For His Fat" and "E. Peterbus Unum,".
Although these sets will not be remixed in Digital 5.1 like other series sets, they look to otherwise be of pretty high quality. Futurama will arrive on March 25th, and The Family Guy will arrive the first week of April. Both will be priced at $49.95.

Woot, Woot, Rock On!!! I just love Futurama the Family Guy. A couple of more to add to my DVD wishlist.

News Site

Memigo intresting news aggregation/mining site. From the About page:
Memigo is a website for news junkies. Technically, memigo is an intelligent news agent: it goes out on the internet and it finds news articles, stories and editorials from "trusted", high quality sources.
[via ScriptingNews]

Pot makes you crazy

Cannabis link to mental illness strengthened
Patton's team followed over 1600 Australian school pupils aged 14 to 15 for seven years. Daily cannabis use was associated with a five-fold increased risk of depression at the age of 20. Weekly use was linked to a two-fold increase. The regular users were no more likely to have suffered from depression or anxiety at the start of the study.
Now why does cannabis have this affect in teens? Also, what does it do to adults, ones whose brains are not already going through massive hormonal changes that teen brains recieve.

Fatty Acids reduce ADD

Dietary changes may help control ADD
New studies show that Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that have been linked to mental disorders are 10 per cent lower in kids with Attention Deficit Disorder. Omega-3 and -6 are essential fatty acids. Fatty fish such as salmon are rich in EFAs, as are polyunsaturated oils, such as canola oil, nuts, soybeans and flaxseed.

Cameron's mom believes is the changes in diet and the addition of fatty acid supplements is what now keeps him calm.

Sex does the Heart good

Shag Or DIE!! (says this book...)
Current research on the sexual lives of heart patients shows that more than half of heart attack victims have one thing in common: They did not have any sexual activity of any kind for the entire year preceding their heart attack.
ZGeek comes up with some great ones.

Toyota going Hybrid

Toyota plans all gas-electric vehicles by 2012, which should make engel happy.

Lemon Contraception

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Sex with a Twist ... Lemons Provide Protection, a little bit of lemon or lime juice in the vagina kills sperm and AIDS virus.
He said lime juice, which has similar acid levels, can also be used, with both fruits often freely available in poor countries where contraception is hard to come by.
Just hope this one isn't a hoax.

Do Not Call

The FTC's Proposal to Create a National "Do Not Call" Registry with a list of several states that are doing the "Do Not Call List" on their own. Kentucky Attorney General's No Call List, doesn't go into affect until January 15, 2003.

Nice News Aggregation

NewsAggregation over at with code provided for one of your own.

Good Excuses

Useful Excuses for Labor Day
Excuse to drink beer: Dutch researchers believe they have proved that beer in moderation is better for men than red wine or other alcoholic beverages when it comes to preventing heart disease or even cancer.

The Dutch Nutrition and Food Research Institute studied 111 men and concluded that beer contains vitamin B6, which prevents the build up the chemical homocysteine, believed to be one of factors in heart disease. Wine and spirits did not have this effect to the same extent, they said.
Carl will love this one.
For the kids:
Excuse to chew gum: Chewing gum makes you smarter. Researchers at England's University of Northumbria concluded that chewing gum has a positive effect on cognitive tasks such as thinking and memory. Peppermint or spearmint? It doesn't make a difference. The key, researchers say, is the repetitive chewing motion.

66 Billion

Fortune looks at CEOs and board members that made a killing selling before the bubble burst. Like making 66 Billion while others lost their retirement.

Most Intresting Link of the Morning

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Creative Commons is a non-profit organization founded on the notion that some people would prefer to share their creative works (and the power to copy, modify, and distribute their works) instead of exercising all of the restrictions of copyright law.

a whole new

Well I finally made the switch from Blogger to MovableType. In the good short term it means commenting and some other coolnesses provided by MovableType. So I hope ya'll enjoy the changes and hopefully better look, when I get around to it. Any of you who have posted in the past should have something waiting in your Inbox. Anyone else who wants to post let me know.

Movable Type :: Personal Publishing

Movable Type :: Personal Publishing System, and an interview, Introducing MovableType, on WriteTheWeb.
Mena: Multiple blogs are really an important feature for me, not only to enable multiple visible online journals, but for the ability to manage disparate sources of content in the backend, then join them seamlessly into one "superblog".
Ah, the "superblog" something engel might enjoy.

FTC set to block AOL-Time

FTC set to block AOL-Time Warner merger, it is about time! Seriously there are enough Mega-Corps in the world.

Readers ascribe devious motives to

Readers ascribe devious motives to Microsoft's policy to withhold OS CDs
"An IT manager at a large manufacturer says that's exactly what Microsoft officials told him. 'I spoke to some of my contacts there, and found out that the medialess format is primarily designed to be a firewall against competitors like Linux,' he wrote, explaining it will make it harder to have a back-out strategy in place if an experimental Linux deployment gets into trouble. 'Now I don't have any Windows CDs for the backout. What would you suggest I do if problems with Linux cause me to want to revert back to Windows? To discourage corporations and consumers from changing, they are no longer distributing CDs with every machine, in the hopes that fear of change without any practical possibility of return will discourage most users from even looking at other systems."
Not to mention recovery when Windows has a hard disk crash, like that never happens.

DaveNet: How to Make Money

DaveNet: How to Make Money on the Internet
A very good DaveNet. Some excerpts:
"So, a shared vision? I thought about this for a few hours. I tried to imagine the leaders of the Internet industry sitting in a room and arriving at a shared vision. Is it possible? I thought about Steve Case and Bill Gates. Case is clearly trying to steer the users into the proprietary AOL world, instead of pushing them to the Web. Gates wants to emphasize the power of desktop computers, with all their RAM and disk space, and of course Microsoft's 20+ year investment in operating system software for desktop software.

Could Gates and Case get on a stage and share a joint vision that's anything more than lip service? Not now. Maybe in a few years, but certainly not in time to make a difference in the battle to keep the Internet open and free. Add the other personalities of the industry, Andy Grove, John Chambers, Scott McNealy, Masayoshi Son, Larry Ellison, John Doerr, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, the list goes on and on, and it seems clear that nothing less than an external redefinition of the purpose of technology could get these men into agreement.

Then I realized that such an externally defined vision had already been forced on the technology industry. The standards of the Internet, HTTP, HTML and URLs; and perhaps XML, which is a simple formalization of HTML. To go to the next step the leaders of technology merely have to agree to stop struggling against these standards, and to share the knowledge they have developed around them. The web is ready-made for a shared vision. All that remains is for two or more of the leaders of the Internet industry to get what Clinton, Schwab and Davos are asking them to do.


How will the patent economy effect open source projects? I was the only member of the open source world in that room. And I was shattered by the greed. After all, isn't there enough money for people who create successful Internet startups like Priceline.Com? Why do we have patents anyway? Is this system, designed for industrial processes, still applicable given the instant gratification reward system for Internet entreprenuers? When your company has a market cap in the billions, is it anything other than unmitigated greed to ask for even more money, for filing a piece of paper with a government?


He asks the audience a question. How many of you believe there is an Internet Bubble? 70 percent say yes. Now, how many believe the Internet industry will be worth more than the PC industry? Every hand goes up. Now he points out the contradiction. All the dot-com companies represent $1 trillion in value. The PC companies are worth $6 trillion. So if you believe your own logic, the bubble won't happen at least until stock values go up six-fold. Of course the trick is to pick the winners, but it's sure that Son-San will win. Not only is he long on E-Trade, he's also starting his own all-electronic stock market! No trading floor. He doesn't pause to catch his breath. Right on.


We learned about the aspirations of refugees, they want choice, freedom, hope.


'I have something important to say,' I said, and all the faces in the room turned to me. 'The Internet is not about money. I've been inspired as you have by what I've learned from people on the Internet, from their creativity, humanity, hopes and frailty. Don't give up on the Internet, it is for you.'"

Sorry for all the quoting but there is lots of good stuff in there. Read it, if nothing else than the conclusion, "How to Make Money on the Internet".

Damm I want to be invited to Davos some day.

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