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6 Apart is Slipping Update

An update on 6 Apart is Slipping.

A week after the release, and after several days with no action or communication, SixApart finally had a solution that worked.

Then edit each of the mt*.cgi files adding this to the top of each (well, below the first "#!..." line):

use File::Basename;
use File::Spec;
use lib File::Spec->catdir(dirname($0), "lib");

After you add those lines, the CGIs should work properly.

Still no mention in the Known Issues. A very disapointing situation.

Now do I spend the time to run through the plugins that broke with the "no problem" release?

6 Apart is Slipping

There is a new MovableType, 3.2. If you are running MT on Windows 2003, or plan to, stay away from the upgrade. In beta 3, 4, 5 continuing through the final release MT doesn't work on Windows 2003. It was mentioned in the User to User support, on the support boards, I submitted it via email but it never made it onto the Known Issues and nothing mentioned in the final release. Nothing in the "spiffy" new doc system or knowledge base.

Now that it is a final release and since I'm a paying personal user there is some offical support. First fix breaks things in a different way and required admin access to IIS.

The definate feeling is that there was little to no testing on Windows 2003. No attention paid to the user feedback during beta. Very disapointing experience. There were plans to purchase commercial liscense for work, not so sure anymore.


A week after the release, and after several days with no action or communication, SixApart finally had a solution that worked.

Then edit each of the mt*.cgi files adding this to the top of each (well, below the first "#!..." line):

use File::Basename;
use File::Spec;
use lib File::Spec->catdir(dirname($0), "lib");

After you add those lines, the CGIs should work properly.

Still no mention in the Known Issues. A very disapointing situation.

Now do I spend the time to run through the plugins that broke with the "no problem" release? Stiemap

Did the dead. Grabbed the template, Google Sitemaps using Movable Type, and setup a Sitemap for or at least the blog portion. If this actually takes off and works I might add the gallery.

Labels vs. Folders

Couldn't agree more, Rafe on Labels versus folders, labels win. I have fallen in love with labels and started experimenting with them in Thunderbird, dumbing everything into one folder with lots of labeling. Now if I could just do the same with my home direcory or My Documents. And if MovableType made it easier to label/categorize. Well Thunderbird needs more than 5 label options.

MovableType 3.0

SixApart has finally released Movable Type 3.0, no wait that was the Developer Edition. My inital reaction is, much displeasure. As they have said it is really a featureless upgrade, just TypeKey and admin interface changes. On top of that the free version becomes cripleware, one author three blog limit. The now paid for version gets confusing pricing/liscensing scheme. Actually seems like a way to drive folks to TypePad more than anything.

I don't blame SixApart for trying to make a buck, I have already donated $50, but do they have to do it is such a confusing and featureless way? Definately, on top of some other issues, makes me reevaluate other package or rolling my own.

NSLog() has some good thoughts as well.

Safari MT Bookmarklet

There is a fix for the MovableType Bookmarklet that works in Safari.

In case the link dies, BlogIt

New Look

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New site look provided by Neil's World's Movable Type Templates.

MovableType Meetup

There is a International Movable Type Meetup Day for all intrested.
[via MovableType]

Zempt Bookmarklet

Zempt This is a bookmarklet to post via Zempt. My only problem is editing the example to pre-populate the category.


Decided to give the Movable Type Plugin a try. My understanding is that Waypath does a what's related from all the blogs with RSS feeds.

Now it will be intresting to see what it puls for this post.

The really cool thing about the Waypath plugin is my blog gets a bit more useful for me today.

Rich Text Editing

Went ahead with Rich Text Editing in Movable Type. Nice so far. Just for test. Now to get something this WYSIWYG.


w.bloggar a pretty good "rich" blogging client, spell checking included. It posts via the XML-RPC interface to MovableType that was added in version 1.2, so an upgrade is needed mithrandir.

Email to Blog, with Pics

pop2blog checks an email account and posts messages to a blog, including pics.

Make It Wide

Love the wide textarea. Now if it was some kinda per user preference in MovableType proper.
Do you always use Movable Type on a 1024 x 768 screen? Add this CSS rule at the end of your /mt/styles.css file:
textarea.width500 { width: 786px; }
Found on dive into mark.

MT Tweaks

Took a few MT tips from andersja's blog: My Movable Type installation
Howto? set Individual Entry Archive to
<$MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/%d"$>/<$MTEntryTitle dirify="1"$>.html
Howto? set Category Archive to
categories/<$MTArchiveCategory dirify="1"$>/index.html

RSD for MovableType

Ben Hammersley has done up RSD support for Movable Type as a Templage. In case you were wondering RSD is for Really Simple Discovery a way for Blog Clients to figure out the settings and what not to talk to one's blog backend.

RSS in your MovableType

mt-rssfeed v1.0, is a MovableType plugin that provides a series of tags for retrieving an RSS feed and inserting it into a MovableType template.
A nice MovableType plugin that I don't have a use for yet.

Skin Chooser for MovableType

Moveable Style or Switchable Type, mucho coolness. Now to implement.

Year Calendars

With a little help from brad choate's Year Archives in MT and PerlScript Plugin there are now Yearly Calendars of posts. Not really sure if they are useful to anyone but it was just one of those "Damm that is cool" moments so I had to set it up.

Upgraded MovableType Install

Upgraded the MovableType to 2.5 let me know if you experinece any problems.

MovableType Birthday

Movable Type 2.5 is out. There are many, like 80 or so, new features but having the integrated search is probably my tops. Also this marks the first anniversery of the MovableType release.
The other day, I remarked to Ben that I am repeatedly amazed that we have created software that enables thousands of people all over the world to publish their thoughts online.
I am continually amazed how great MovableType is and has become. Also, amazed that Mena and Ben make a living off of MovableType.

XSLT AbiWord to HTML

A command line app written in Java which, using the Xalan XML parser and an XSLT stylesheet, allows you to convert native AbiWord, (*.abw), files into HTML pages. Features include being able to convert a single file or batch convert a directory of files and turning http:// web address references into anchor tags under HTML. For more information see the README and CHANGELOG files.
Kinda cool, but as another idea how about a MovableType plug-in that takes a .abw file upload and translates it to embeded (X)HTML?

Blogrolling Locally

Daily Crawl is a set of CGI scripts that allow you to track updates to a list of weblogs that you read though the update list at
Now to make it a MovableType Plugin.

MovableType Ugrade

Finally upgraded the MovableType to version 2.21. So let me know if you experience any problems. Oh, and this also means to expece the layout/look to probably change soon and some TrackBack goodness to start to show up.

Upgrades & Google

Finally got around to upgrading the MovableType install from 2.0 to 2.11. The one visable change for all my faithful visitors is use of the Google API in the sidebar. For now I'm experimenting with the Related Sites but will see how it evolves.


Movable Type RSS
Movable Type automatically creates an RSS feed for you each time you add a new item to a blog. This document explains how to change the RSS template to change the language, include an image, include your contact information, and identify the feed creator. Once you have made these changes, you will need to rebuild the indexes so your RSS feed will be published with the new template.
Probably some usefull tidbits for the non MT users out there.

MT Ping Problem

If you are having troubles "pinging" there is a fix in the movabletype support forum.

MovableType Upgrade

Finally upgraded to the 1.4 version of MovableTyps. One of the niftys, outwardly visiably, is the new list look taken from the styles. For now it is Plain Jane but that will probably change. If you think any of the others would be better than sound off in the comments.


RSS News, Meerkat and MT because someone asked and has a RSS feed.

MT Tips

Found a few tips about MovableType over at Openwire. Moveable Type Search Utility

Site Search, Maybe

Search for MovableType, now if he will just let me give the code a try...

MovableType Pings

Support for XML-RPC ping
We have added support in Movable Type to talk to the new XML-RPC ping interface (more information ). Rather than automatically checking for changes in all registered blogs (the old behavior), now requires that an XML-RPC ping be sent to mark the blog as changed.

New Interface New Thoughts

Noticing how switching form Blogger to MovableType has changed the internal, brain wise, processes and thoughts that go into posting to It will be intresting to see how it turns out.

a whole new

Well I finally made the switch from Blogger to MovableType. In the good short term it means commenting and some other coolnesses provided by MovableType. So I hope ya'll enjoy the changes and hopefully better look, when I get around to it. Any of you who have posted in the past should have something waiting in your Inbox. Anyone else who wants to post let me know.

MovableType released.

MovableType released.

Movable Type :: Personal Publishing

Movable Type :: Personal Publishing System, and an interview, Introducing MovableType, on WriteTheWeb.
Mena: Multiple blogs are really an important feature for me, not only to enable multiple visible online journals, but for the ability to manage disparate sources of content in the backend, then join them seamlessly into one "superblog".
Ah, the "superblog" something engel might enjoy.

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