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I have been looking for something like Wayback, User-level Versioning File System for Linux, for years. The whole idea of zero behavior change versioning, until rollback, totally rocks. Now to have something like this for OSX and Windows.

Labels vs. Folders

Couldn't agree more, Rafe on Labels versus folders, labels win. I have fallen in love with labels and started experimenting with them in Thunderbird, dumbing everything into one folder with lots of labeling. Now if I could just do the same with my home direcory or My Documents. And if MovableType made it easier to label/categorize. Well Thunderbird needs more than 5 label options.

BASH Tips and Tricks

Toshiba - Magnia SG20

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Found the Toshiba - Magnia SG20 for $239.97 over at TigerDirect. There is some info over on It ships with a custom RedHat 7.x but folks have blown that away if needed. I'm very tempted to pick one of these up as a play toy. So any thing I'm mising? Anything compariable out there that might make a better purchase?

Linux on Linksys

Network Attached Storage


Firstly I know that what I'm looking for can be done DIY with pretty much any Linux distribution but the solution should be something that survives if I'm gone.

I'm looking for a Network Attached Storage(NAS) solution. It will need to support SMB, NFS, FTP and HTTP have a built in or easily attached tape backup, have at lease a web based administration and be a plug in and forgetabout it, except for changing daily tape backups. There should also be at lease 2 drives RAID'd for redundacy. Linksys has something close, the EtherFast� Network Attached Storage but no apparent tape backup option.

So anyone have some good suggestions?

Howl, think Zeroconf

Howl is a cross-platform implementation of the Zeroconf networking standard. Zeroconf brings a new ease of use to IP networking.
Windows and Linux like Hydra type application.


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Some mornings just start on the right footing. Yesterday evening the Knoppix - Live Linux Filesystem on CD cd burn started just before I left work. Sometime last night there was a brief power outage. Apon sitting down to my desktop I'm starign at the Knopix desktop, and posting this in Konqueror.

What a nice morning.

Problem with RedHat

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Before you run away screaming, "Not another Anti-RedHat Rant!!" hold your horses and hang in there.

Most are based in some RedHat will be or is Microsoft. Or something about how they should be more like Debian. Or even sillier RedHat will make things more consistent by altering KDE to be more GNOME, consistency heaven forbid. I don't have a problem with any of the above, well maybe if they were more Debian but I digress.

The problem that I face is actually wanting to pay RedHat for the 8.0 but damm'd if they have made it way too confusing. See what I want is to buy some CDs for the initial installation and have access to the "up2date" functionality, think Debian apt-get or WindowsUpdate but for everything on the system, for the run of the 8.X Series or at least a year seems resonable. Now it seems like something like this product and service combo should cost something like $20 - $100(I'm in a generous mood). Now enters the problem how do I get that option, or something similar?

There is RedHat Linux 8.0 Professional, RedHat Linux 8.0 Personal and some mention of Red Hat Network Basic Service but as far as I can tell the only real difference between the Pro and Personal is $110 in price and 30 vs. 60 days access to "Red Hat Network Basic Service" but oh, wait. One can get a year of the Red Hat Network for $60. So for my high end of $100 I can get what I want, some CDs and up2date for a year.

So where is the rant if I found what I wanted, though it is maximum of my price range? Well it was way too complicated and confusing to figure something so simple out. Honestly if it wasn't for being so pissed and writing a rant I would have blown off RedHat and went over to Cheap*Bytes and picked up Debian CDs. Still might.

It just seems that the more RedHat gets it's act together the more find something else to screw up and that I guess is what I'm really ranting about.

Cheap Linux Laptops

What this country needs is a good $999 Linux laptop, most definately. When I have the disposiable funds my next computer purchase will most likely be a laptop and it would be nice to have a Linux laptop as a valid option. Something to add would be brainless Bluetooth and WiFi with above mentioned laptop.

Debian Jobs

Debian Job Pages, Debian specific jobs.

Linux and Photos

Linux Distro Alliance

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United Linux an attempt by Caldera, Conectiva, SuSE and Turbolinux to regain some relevancy in the Linux distro buisness. Basicly an agreement to follow standards and the like, in an attempt to turn the tieds of everyone choosing RedHat.

Executable Archives

Self-extracting Archive HOWTO
GNU/Linux includes a beautifully simple way of creating self-extracting archives, and "self-installing" archives. This article explains how.

VTech's Helio PDA to Run

Making the Palm/Linux Connection

What the Linux Community Needs

What the Linux Community Needs to Grok
He is correct about Linux needing to learn from Palm's example, that is what Joe Six Pack wants. Easy to no installation. Always there.

He is wrong about needing project management. "If you have a problem fix it!" the OpenSource/Linux mantra solves "Hot Lists" when a company wants a feature that is not progressing fast enough, or not at all, they can pay programers to develop the feature. In this case the corporations can follow their own project management practices. See problem solved because it does not exist.

Another one, there already is his Microsoft Word clone out there AbiWord which is going down just this road.

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