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Want a Java MP3 Player?

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Java Music Player a WinAmp cline that supports MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, AIFF and AU audio formats. Now to see, or hear, how it plays.

Java VB

Sun is plannon on enhancing Java to bring more Visual Basic-like features on board. Good show, most definately needed. Hope they introduce some relatively cheap brain dead easy GUI designer, unless there is one out there I have just missed.

Java Versions?

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It has been pretty busy since the ice storm, so not much time. Rants and raves may follow: If there are any truely comparable Java alternatives to the previously mentioned let me know.

Java 3d Game

Java is Doomed is a first person ego shooter dedicated to the fantastic game DOOM. The program is developed in java and uses OpenGL as graphic API. To access OpenGL via java the technologie of the OpenSource project gl4java is used. The target of the project is to find out if it is possible to use java to develope professional games.

Java Index a directory of Open Source Java apps, libraries and such.

Java Command Line

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Plug in Your Command Processor Now
This article details the implementation of a tool called the Command Processor. This tool takes a Java object and creates a command-line interface to its public methods.
Intresting idea. Wonder how it would fit into engel's java shell idea from a couple of years ago?

Some JBoss Docs

Icons for Java Apps

Java look and feel Graphics Repository, damm they sure look like shit. Me thinks than Sun needs to talk to Apple about how to make an icon.

Jetspeed Tutorial

Portlet Tutorial, for Jetspeed which is a Java web portal framework.

Aggregation in Java

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Flock is an RSS aggregator written in Java. It is a server-side web application accessible with a browser, similar in spirit to AmphetaDesk .
Looks to do alot of what I'm looking for in an aggregator. But there are a few problems, Tomcat(Servelet Engine), JRE and the need publicly avialable sever that has previously mentioned to run it all on. The elguapo of the Java web app situation is there are many intresting Wiki, Blog, Gallery, Aggregator, etc., projects but the whole Java/Tomcat is a real PITA on a shared server.

Maybe when I get broadband and can go back to an always on connection it will be more fesiable. Well that is unless arcterex decides to but Tomcat on


NewsMonster is a newsreader and manager for RSS content, news, and the semantic web.
It has an immpressive feature list, though doesn't claim to support RSS 2.0. It could be the basis for my RSS Reader nirvana with it's Repitle server component side.
[via Russell Beattie Notebook]

Update: NewsMonster *does* support RSS 2.0
One of the features I point out is that it supports *all* versions of RSS.

This is due to the miracles of XSLT ;)

- --
Kevin A. Burton (,, )
Coolness. Now if I could just get it to work on my box.

Java Source Control

SourceJammer is a source control and versioning system written in Java. It consists of a server-side component that maintains the files and version history, and handles check-in, check-out, etc. and other commands; and a client-side component that makes requests of the server and manages the files on the client-side file system.

Apache2 and Tomcat

Java Text Search for Websites

Jakarta Lucene
Jakarta Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform.
It might help tig with his search problem at work.

Merging Swing and JSP the answer?

Another Take on Swing and Java's Success. Reminds me of something engel was playing around with that took swing apps and ran them as JSP. The problem was that it looked like someone was soing a poor port of a desktop app to the web, but the idea is still sound and hughly benefical.

Java Rant

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Java, Language of Tomorrow nice rant on Java the myth vs. the reality.

Wiki with Blog

Simpleface Weblog is doing a pretty Wiki way of the Weblog, take the new pages and present them in blog fashion. Some food for thought for additions for MiniWili.

Java Web Developer Need to Know

Wanna Be a Java Web Programmer?
  1. JSP Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL), Jakarta Taglibs Project and Other Libraries
  2. Apache's Struts Project
  3. EXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML)
  4. Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
  5. Applet Programming
  6. HTTP Protocol
  7. Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
  8. Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)
  9. Other Tools

Java History

JSP on Windows

Java OOP Tut

Don't fear the OOP, java tutorial
Don't fear the OOP
A java tutorial that shows you why Coding Java
(or any other object-oriented programming)
is just like writing a trashy Western novel.
How to understand Java by looking at pretty colors.
[via camworld]

James Gosling Interview

Java's "superstar" on why Microsoft's C# isn't
The No. 1 tool (in that area) is Emacs, and I was kind of the guy responsible for the original Emacs, 23 years ago. One of the things I find frightening is it's still around, and in many ways it hasn't really changed.

Why Lisp? or "The Right Tool For The Job"

A short one on why Lisp is the be all and end all. A bit of trash talk about Perl, C and Java.

Why not Java?

Java Outline Editor This is

Java Outline Editor
This is a text outliner and MDI implemented in Java Swing. It requires Java 1.3 and so far I've only tested it on 98/NT/2000, but should work on Unix as well being Java and all. The GUI is similar to the outline editor found in Userland's Frontier.

Java One Day Laborers, out

Java One Day Laborers, out of work .com'rs looking for Java work. Fav "Will Code For Drugs"

Hey engel, Using DOM to

Hey engel, Using DOM to Traverse XML, could be useful for that yet un-named collaboration project.

"Funny: While yes, one

"Funny: While yes, one of the goals of perl is that it can e cross-platform, that isn't one of the huge selling points, where java has it, and it barely runs on anything :-)"

First download version for Linux/GTK

First download version for Linux/GTK available

First, many thanks to Rick Wild who wrote the Waba virtual machine, making Java possible on low-cost devices like PDAs and other portable devices.
You can now download the alpha version of a Linux/GTK port. This port is about 85% done for the GUI classes. Network is on the way.

So what do you think engel?

DynamicJava looks like a Java

DynamicJava looks like a Java interperter, like the Perl interperter.

Reviewing Three Java Text Editors:

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So you want to How

So you want to How To Think Like a Computer Scientist?
These texts are short introductions to Computer Science in three programming languages.

Doc Searls on .NET, Java,

Doc Searls on .NET, Java, and buisness not getting the internet.
They talk inclusion, but on their terms. So the programmers will find ways to include both of them.

Compose Java Applications in XML:

Compose Java Applications in XML: Bean Markup Language opens up a whole new world for dynamic applications
Incrediable. Now the same XML file needs specify the app for web, handheld, client server, etc.

Java and XML: Chapter 9:

Java and XML: Chapter 9: Web Publishing Frameworks, maybe it is time to crack the spine on that Java book collecting dust on the bookself.

Ux Ux is UNIX, revisited

  • Ux is UNIX, revisited with XML.
  • There is Java instead of C.
  • There is XSL instead of sh/awk/perl.
  • There is XML instead of '\n' and comma-separated ascii files.

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