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RSS-IM Gateway

RSS-IM Gateway, intresting must expirement.

Jabber gets a Journal

Jabber :: Journal :: #1
We've needed a weekly news report about Jabber for ages. Finally someone has gotten organized enough to publish it.
Now where is the RSS feed? Ah, I guess it is just part of the Jabber News feed.

iChatting to Jabber

Just a little rumor iChat to support Jabber which would be cool and given the rumor that iChat is really just a Jabber server and client in one probably very easy to do.

A Whole New Site, er "Jabber Software Foundation", has a masively updated site. Looks good guys.

JabberConf News

Doc blogged Jeremie's talk at JabberConf. The big highlights:
Apache 2.0 mod_jabber - you can run a jabber server inside an apache server, and administer it through Apache functions, logins, extensions, etc. It integrates jabber funct into the apache world
Apple's new iChat... In Jaguar release of OS X iChat will integrate AIM funcitonality, and will contain jabber funcitonality, not yet exposed to users. It will use the Jabber protocol when iChat is communicating with ohters in the local system. (The global server is AOLs, he told me last night.) iChat has Jabber protocol elements implemented inside of it as well, so perhaps they can turn on iChat as a Jabber client at some point. Jeremie is appealing to people who know people at Apple to open communications with folks. (Last night we talked about how this should be happening in much the same way as Apple is working with the Darwin/BSD community and other outside open source efforts (e.g. the gcc) � in a geek2geek way. Organic, among peers interested in seeing the common infrastructure developed and carried forward as better foundational stuff.

Jabber Stuff

JabberTools is a set of tools that help make it easy to use and convert to using Jabber.
The Jabber Web Steward allows users to submit requests for new accounts and allows administrators to allow or deny these requests.
JabberSMTP is a single Perl5 script for bi-directional translation between email and Jabber messages. It acts as a simple MTA and can occupy port 25, although there are ways around that if you don't have root access. Using JabberSMTP, a Jabber user can receive email messages in any Jabber client, and even create or reply to emails from that Jabber client.
Collected for arcterex, but maybe some of the rest of ya will find them useful.

Installing Jabber

Found an intresting article Installing the Jabber Server, now I wonder where that could come in handy at,


jsJabber is a three step Jabber client written in Javascript. The three steps are: - socket, a module that allows the browser to create a socket connection with a server - Jabber lib, a module that exposes methods and events very similar to JabberCom.

Jabber World Map

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Jabber Wereldkaart
This is the jabber presence world map. The bulbs represents someone's presence
Pretty cool, wonder how well it will scale for thousands of users.

Appoitments in Jabber

jabber reminder
reminder is a miniature scheduling and notification server module. You can set events that you would like to be reminded of, along with a time for the notification, and if you are online when the time comes around, Jabber will send you a message to let you know.
Yet some more intresting posiabilities. Especiallyf or follks who like doing things through instant messaging other than text messages.

Jabber Shell

jabber telnet

telnet provides a telnet-based command line interface to a Jabber server. Users can log in with a telnet client, and issue simple commands to send and receive messages and presence.

Kinda along the lines of something engel and I were talking about yesterday. Think of the posiability of using Jabber as a command line? Send a message to copy a file. Has some potential, maybe.

The Jabber Client Developer's Cheat

Jabber Web Pager This system

Jabber Web Pager
This system allows you to have a form on your web page where people can send messages to you via Jabber.

Summarizing Jabber-RPC

Flogger has been renamed, and

Flogger has been renamed, and relinkeed, Jogger "a Jabber powered weblog".

Jabber DevZone announcement on Flogger,

Jabber DevZone announcement on Flogger, think Blogger meets Jabber. And know arcterex it wasn't me trying to be real cool "thing jabber" and all that, just a dropped " :)

Found at Jabber Server and

What Is A Jabber Client?

What Is A Jabber Client?
Recently the Jabber clients have gotten truely usable. JabberIM (Windows), Gabber (Gnome) and Konverse (KDE) have been on feature par allowing me to keep all my contacts where ever I'm logged in. Now to add that Jabber server at work.

XMLRPC over Jabber, more

XMLRPC over Jabber, more fun with Perl.

Jarla: A Perl/Tk Jabber Client.

Jarla: A Perl/Tk Jabber Client. Lots of fun in there.

Jeremie Miller is interviewed at

Jeremie Miller is interviewed at He "is the lead developer of Jabber, a project to create an open instant messaging and presence architecture."

Ask Slashdot Unified Instant Messaging

Ask Slashdot Unified Instant Messaging Clients?
2 notable mentions in the comments Jabber, an OpenSource project still in development but getting close to a beta, and Everybody, which I have not tried yet but it supports AIM, ICQ and Yahoo! (Linux only).

The New Face of Instant

The New Face of Instant Messaging talking about Jabber from osOpinion Authored by: Eliot Landrum and Thomas Charron
Right on! They mention some of the things Jabber will/is doing, most of which I have been wanting to do with ICQ. Imagine using an Instant Messaging client to update a webpage or blog...

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