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MacBook Lust

Uhhhh, I want a MacBook. Not in the imediate budget unless a slew of side jobs drop on my plate.

OS X Universal Access Rocks

Oh, I just figured out the Universal Access on the Mac. To zoom in hold down the Apple Key, Option Key and press =+ Key. To zoom out press and hold the Apple Key, Option Key and press -_ Key. That easy.

If you want to see all the options or configure the settings, goto the Apple logo in the upper left corner and click, then in the drop down menu click "System Preferences". A new window should appear with a bunch of icons, click on "Universal Access" then check the "Enable access for assistive devices"

And for a little Windows comparrison. You can use the Accessiblity Options little magnification of a line of text, inadequate according to my visually imaired sister. Or you could purchase ZoomText for the low sale price of $509.

The Songs from Apple Commercials

In my iPod/Apple obsession the desire to have a playlist of all the songs from Apple, or at leas iPod, comercials here is what I found. Please send corrections or addisions.
  • Rock Star (Nevin's Classic Club Blaster) - N.E.R.D. - iPod
  • Jerk It Out - Caesars - iPod Shuffle
  • Channel Surfing - Feature Cast - iPod Breakdance
  • Ride - The Vines - iPod Wild Postings
  • Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram - iPod Sterio Rock
  • Saturday Night - Ozomatli - iPod Saturday Hip Hop
  • Vertigo - U2 - iPod U2
  • Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas - iPod Hip Hop
  • Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet - iPod Rock
  • Rockstar (Jason Nevins Classic Club Blaster-Edit) - Jason Nevins - iPod Dance
  • Spit - John Murphy - Apple Branding
  • Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix - Cube
  • Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf - Optical Mouse
  • Music to Think By - Benny Golson - iMac Window
  • Take Californ - Propellerheads - iPod Beat
  • Forever Young - Bob Dylan - iMovie Kids
  • You turned my whole world around - Barry White - iBook Barry
  • She's a Rainbow - Rolling Stones - iMac Colours
[via WTC and other random searches]

Trent Reznor Garageband Release

A NIN single is released in Garageband format. Maybe the best part, they why:
For quite some time I've been interested in the idea of allowing you the ability to tinker around with my tracks - to create remixes, experiment, embellish or destroy what's there.
Pretty cool attitude, time to play.

iHome Media Centre

Looks like the rumors are true. Guess we will find out for sure Monday.

Original location'iHome' pictures and video mirrored just in case they get a smackdown.












iMac G5

Inital reaction, cool, but still too costly.

Labels vs. Folders

Couldn't agree more, Rafe on Labels versus folders, labels win. I have fallen in love with labels and started experimenting with them in Thunderbird, dumbing everything into one folder with lots of labeling. Now if I could just do the same with my home direcory or My Documents. And if MovableType made it easier to label/categorize. Well Thunderbird needs more than 5 label options.

GarageBand, Yum

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It is about 9PM and just got around to dinner. Even left work early today. Why the delay to dinner, GarageBand is just that much fun! I have barely gotten near to scratching the surface.

Do yourself a favor. Find an Apple Store or a store within a store that had GarageBand on a demo machine and have some fun. Don't worry about the funny looks the other customers give your mixed music, they are just jellous that you are on the box and not them :)

Update: No MP3s to share yet. Wait til I perfect my Bluegrass HipHop sound :)

GarageBand and Keyboard

I'm so tempted tp pick up GarageBand and a USB MIDI Keyboard. Now to find some relatively inexpensive, maybe a eKeys 37 or something similarly priced. It has been years since I really touched a keyboard.

I'm reminded of the first time a Mac really impressed me. In the early 90's in one the campus labs there were a couple of Macs with MIDI keyboards hooked up. One had a student that was "song processing" to onscreen sheet music. I was blown away at the time.

Browser Time

BYOB: Build Your Own Browser
This is the first in a series of two articles describing how to develop applications using WebKit. This article will cover building a basic web browser without writing a line of code.
Time to play.

Keynote Time of Year

iPod mini cool but Apple still needs a MP3 player in the $100-150 range. The 50% increase storage on the $299 iPod might be my tippingpoint.

Now the coolest. GarageBand is potentially one of the coolest piecies of software form Apple. Now let the see hear the new creations assisted by GarageBand. Kinda makes me wish I was back in highschool with a guitar and a keyboard.

Everything else seems more incremental.

Safari MT Bookmarklet

There is a fix for the MovableType Bookmarklet that works in Safari.

In case the link dies, BlogIt

iBox, Digital Hub

In the realm of I wish, Apple iBox in production. I mention it cause it would be cool but is very unlikely, or if happening will end up costing over $2,000 in usual Apple fashion. Course maybe Steve will tell us about it next week.

XCode Coolness


Ten Things I Dig About Xcode highlighting coolness in XCode. Really wonder how it compares to VisualStudio .NET, having never used that paticular IDE.

Oh, and the use of Rendezvous being used for more than just chatting and music sharing for the distributed build. There is a killer app in Rendezvous waiting to be found.

Re: acterex's comment
The application that actually makes a sustaining market for a promising but under-utilized technology. from The Jargon File's listing for killer app

Distributed rendering and building is cool and all but not really a killer app. I'm thinking of something that can really only work when Rendezvous, or something similar exists. I would expect that it embodies some currently underutilized aspect of community and network effects.

Dive into Panther

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100 screenshots and 11 pages about Panther, and I'm still getting used to Jaguar.

Open Source Sponsoring

Jeremy has a great question, Which Open Source Projects Would You Sponsor? for yourself and your company. At work if there was anything like a good CRM, think ACT on steroids, it would be a good donation investment. Personally getting more OpenSource with native OS support, like OpenOffice, AbiWord, GIMP, etc on OSX, outside of Xwindoes, would rock.

Re-entering the Cult of Mac

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I did it. I finally did it. Yesterday I gave the Kenwood Towne Center Apple Store, Cincinnati a 90 minute drive, a call to see if they had any Power Mac G4s, specs. Lucky me the did. After a 3 hour round trip, a quick stop to the Apple Store, and hours lost helping a friend with a bad motherboard around midnight I set the new baby up. Damm it sure feels good. Well back to re-exploring.

Xserve in Buisness

Netflix Mac Client

One more reason I want a Mac, Netflix Fanatic.

Mac Like Tabs for Safari Idea

Found another idea for tabs in Safari. Really cool idea, reminds me of a BeOS way of stacking window tabs. Wonder if it will ever reach the light of day and wonder if there any BeOS goodies waiting to be reimplented in the existing desktop OSes?

Howl, think Zeroconf

Howl is a cross-platform implementation of the Zeroconf networking standard. Zeroconf brings a new ease of use to IP networking.
Windows and Linux like Hydra type application.

Auctions Suck

In case you didn't know this about me, I really hate auctions, and haggeling in general. The specific reason tonight relates to staying up watching the time count down on a nice dual G4 box to be killed in seconds by someone with a proxy.

Regardless of the above auctions and haggeling really do suck, but that is another story.

iMac updates

After seeing some "too good to be true" offers at BestBuy, I decided to make my little iMac a server on a grand scale. I bought a 120 gig drive and a Verbatim 52x24x52 CD-RW from BestBuy for $95 (after $150 of rebates) and set home to install my new booty.


Along the line of maclust there is some Macpr0n Classic, fusion of hot bodies and hot Macs. Probably not acceptable viewing at most workplaces.

[via gizmodo]


One man's story of his first year with a TiBook. Nice cover of the good and the bad.

So will have to hear arcterex's story next year after his full mac luv'n has kicked in.


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Now Griffin Technology has the most freak'n cool iPod accessory, the iTrip which is a FM transmitter add on. Have I recently mentioned how I want an iPos along with my Mac lust?


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Mentioned in Wired Pizza Box or IMac? or the iBox Stage #2. Please oh, please, oh please let this happen.

"Tab" Safari Idea

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Safari Mulitpage Mockup which looks to be a like a good way to do "tabs" in a OS X way. Now will someone implement it?


Reported: Apple's Microsoft Word Killer
The new package, said to be named "Document," includes 100% import and export functionality with Microsoft Word files, but goes much farther than that venerable word processor has ever managed in giving the user a full-scope document development environment (a term used by one of our sources in describing the new product).

It is said that Apple Document will draw heavily from the experience gained within the KeyNote development team, but has been a completely independent project within Apple. And, many of the rich feature concepts evident in KeyNote will also be present in Document, with full implementation of the Aqua interface and of Quartz graphics, including anti-aliased text.

Sources say that Document will seamlessly import and export components in a large number of formats, from Word, Excel, and Photoshop, among others. And, most interesting is a report that it will also provide many alternate output format choices, including advanced .PDF (with selectable compression), several levels of HTML (including DHTML), a wide assortment of multimedia formats, and will provide easy to use tools for adding XML tags to documents.
Hmm, very intresting. I hope it , or something pretty close to it, is comming from Apple.
[via reality bytes]

The story of ClarisWorks

A Brief History of ClarisWorks. Claris(Apple)Works is still my favorite "productivity suite". It was one of the cleanest and most stable set of applications I think I ever used.
Years later I realized that this feeling had led to a certain blindness to the pace at which the rest of the industry was moving. In its effort to produce slick, bug-free software, Claris was neglecting the hard reality that sheer number of features sells, independent of elegance of design. Some products, such as MacWrite Pro, were delayed so long by stringent quality assurance requirements that they lost their effectiveness in the market.
Shame to hear first hand how quality is not rewarded in the software marketplace.
Apple and Gobe did indeed discuss possibilities at various points in Gobe's history; however, I am not at liberty to go into details. Apple did not in the end acquire Gobe as such, but three of its founders, Scott Holdaway, Scott Lindsey, and Carl Grice, did rejoin Apple as employees when Gobe failed. They won't tell me what they are up to (even off the record!), but whatever it is, it does not involve the Gobe Productive codebase. Nor, I am reasonably sure, does it involve the ClarisWorks / AppleWorks codebase.
Hmm, intresting, more fule to the iOffice rumors floating around.

Tabs Redefined

Intresting idea for a Possible Implementation of Tabs in Safari. Not sure if it is exactly what I would want but my love for tabs in a web browser is just from it being the better than all the other ways I have tried to manage 10+ pages at a time.

OS X Pr0n Browser

WebGrazer an OS X app for browsing pr0n. So engel how is it?

iBlog, Yumm!!!

Dammit, wish I had a Mac just to play with iBlog. It appears to really do nothing new, except the .Mac tie in, but damm the screenshots make all the to be expeced in a blog desktop client so sexy looking.

Apple Needs a Tablet

Late thursday night I caught Bill Gates being interviewed on a PBS station. Overall the interviewer, who I recognize as being one of the PBS regulars, pretty much was softballing it so the whole hour was pretty much a how great is Bill and Microsoft. The really intresting part of it all was the bits about the Tablet PC where Bill and the interview were both using Tablet PCs. Have to say it is pretty cool looking stuff, especially the Toshiba that was also a laptop.

But then the memory of Inkwell trickled into my fore brain and I began to wonder when Apple was going to do something with Inkwell and iBooks or PowerBooks. Well Apple I'm waiting stun us before Microsoft and the PC space bores another really intresting market.

Dell Will Sell Macs


A little prediction. In the 1 - 2 year time frame Dell will start selling OS X, probably of the X86 variety.

Now for the the big answer, why?

Well the most recent trigger for the prediction was Dell selling iPods. If this venture is successful, and it should be the iPod is the best of bread MP3 players out there, it will provide encouragement for Apple and Dell to continue and expand their partership. Dell is also good for Apple in the volume and buisness world exposure sense.

Dell and Apple have very similar problems. Apple really needs to be able to expand into the Windows world. The tea leaves say switchers are more likely to be from the Unix/Linux crowd than the Windows crowd which makes sense until Apple is able to distribut via a Windows channel like Dell. From Dell's angle Microsoft is getting to be a big PITA, both in price and in strong armatude. Dell really needs some alternatives like their FreeDOS adventures. Apple could definately kill Microsoft on the OS liscense margins.

The big killers in the prediction is if Apple just refuses to have a second architecture due complexities of managing or fear of killing the main buisness, selling boxes. Microsoft could also kill the prediction by going vicious with liscensing, which will probably happen given the useless punishment from the anti-trust trial.

Regardless my prediction still stands. In a 1 - 2 year time frame, probably in 2004, Dell will start selling boxes with OS X on X86 hardware.

iChatting to Jabber

Just a little rumor iChat to support Jabber which would be cool and given the rumor that iChat is really just a Jabber server and client in one probably very easy to do.

Free MacWorld

dealmac. 12 issues of Macworld for free
Listed for Apple customers, get 12 months of Macworld for free via this form and for a bit of personal information, as a reader found. The offer is available for both US and Canadian subscribers. The offer can be used to renew an existing paid subscription (but not an existing free subscription).
If it is your thing, get them while it lasts.

Mac Wallpapers

Lots of nice wallapers over at MacDesktops.
Just a quick post from the Apple Store in Cincinnati. Doing this on a TiBook hooked to a Cinema Display. Hope you are gelous :) Next time I'll try to remember to bring my camera for some pics. Damm this is the way to compute.

JabberConf News

Doc blogged Jeremie's talk at JabberConf. The big highlights:
Apache 2.0 mod_jabber - you can run a jabber server inside an apache server, and administer it through Apache functions, logins, extensions, etc. It integrates jabber funct into the apache world
Apple's new iChat... In Jaguar release of OS X iChat will integrate AIM funcitonality, and will contain jabber funcitonality, not yet exposed to users. It will use the Jabber protocol when iChat is communicating with ohters in the local system. (The global server is AOLs, he told me last night.) iChat has Jabber protocol elements implemented inside of it as well, so perhaps they can turn on iChat as a Jabber client at some point. Jeremie is appealing to people who know people at Apple to open communications with folks. (Last night we talked about how this should be happening in much the same way as Apple is working with the Darwin/BSD community and other outside open source efforts (e.g. the gcc) � in a geek2geek way. Organic, among peers interested in seeing the common infrastructure developed and carried forward as better foundational stuff.

Cocoa Resources

Cocoa Mamasam Link Directory, A Resource Center for Cocoa Developers. Now if I only had a Mac to try some of the coolness on.

A Look inside Jaguar

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Mac OS X - Codename: Jaguar
Code-named �Jaguar,� the next major release of Mac OS X will delight you with the innovation, elegance and ease of use you�ve come to expect from Apple.
Damm I need to get ma a Mac.

Newbies to OSX Blog

Forwarding Address: OSX

Migrators to Apple's new operating systems talk about their experiences. Some of them come from Classic MacOS, some from Windows, and some from other Unixen.

Now if I could only join the crowd, damm that iMac and iBook at London Drugs looked soo good.

Debbian iBook

Installing Debian 3.0 onto an Apple iBook ...without using any physical media!

Applescript Web Publishing System

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AWPS is a template-based webpage rendering system [1]; basically a framework into which you add your own code, templates and data, and let it do all the hard work of putting these together. The control logic (standard AppleScript) is kept completely separate to the html templates, making design and editing a snap.
One more reason to get a Mac, after I get a job.

Apple Script Lov'n

Petition for Apple to

More details emerge on Mac

More details emerge on Mac Star Wars Episode 1 Racer yes cool games for the Mac. Pod Racer is so mutch fun on the console!

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