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Calendar Woes and Solutions

arcterex mentioned his, or the client's, woes with trying to find a Lotus Notes calendar replacement.

I have recently been given a similar task, the desire to share calendars/schedules between the Kentucky office, Australia and the world travelers. At first I put it to the back burner, thinking it would take more development time that allowed but some random link mentioned Mozilla Calendar Standards Based Calendar Client Project.

All by it's lonesome, not a big deal, but checking out iCalShare lead to,
PHP iCalendar is a php-based iCal file parser. Its based on v2.0 of the IETF spec. It displays iCal files in a nice logical, clean manner with day, week, month, and year navigation, printer view, RSS-enabled, and searchable. It supports 12 languages, is fully theme-able, and has complete timezone support.
Which combined with, How can I share my calendars?
To share your calendars, you need access to a webDAV server. If you run your own web server, you can install mod_dav, a free Apache module that will turn your web server into a webDAV server. Instructions on how to set it up are on their website. Once you set up your webDAV server, you can publish your calendar to the site, then subscribe to it from any other Mozilla Calendar. Automatically updating the calendar will give you a poor man's calendar server.
And maybe a very nice solution. I still have to play around with WebDAV on IIS, but this might be a workable combination. Oh, the delicious side effect might be to get everyong off of Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express.

ModRewrite + Blosxom

Go from to
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^$ blosxom.cgi
RewriteRule !^blosxom\.cgi - [C]
RewriteRule (.*) blosxom.cgi/$1
mod_rewrite magic on the blosxom list.


mod_blosxom module for Apache
The Apache module which builds the extremely lightweight Weblog environment.
Cool! that is all I got to say about that.

Apache2 and Tomcat

Cocoon Resource - Your Guide to Apache Cocoon This site is intended to provide tutorials, how-to's, best practise guides and other information not covered by the official Cocoon documentation. It is directed mainly to new Cocoon users, but if you're working with Cocoon for some time you may find some useful information here, too. Looks like a good resource of Cocoon is your thing.

New Apache Docs Site

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JabberConf News

Doc blogged Jeremie's talk at JabberConf. The big highlights:
Apache 2.0 mod_jabber - you can run a jabber server inside an apache server, and administer it through Apache functions, logins, extensions, etc. It integrates jabber funct into the apache world
Apple's new iChat... In Jaguar release of OS X iChat will integrate AIM funcitonality, and will contain jabber funcitonality, not yet exposed to users. It will use the Jabber protocol when iChat is communicating with ohters in the local system. (The global server is AOLs, he told me last night.) iChat has Jabber protocol elements implemented inside of it as well, so perhaps they can turn on iChat as a Jabber client at some point. Jeremie is appealing to people who know people at Apple to open communications with folks. (Last night we talked about how this should be happening in much the same way as Apple is working with the Darwin/BSD community and other outside open source efforts (e.g. the gcc) � in a geek2geek way. Organic, among peers interested in seeing the common infrastructure developed and carried forward as better foundational stuff.

AxKit Wiki

AxKit now has a native Wiki. Intrestingly it uses POD (Plain Old Documentation) instead of Structured Text for it's formating language.

Release Announcement:
I've written a very simple Wiki clone using AxKit XSP. There's a live Wiki on that you can play with (and we'll be putting the AxKit docs up on there). The source code is on CPAN (just uploaded this morning, so you may have to wait for it to mirror). I think the code is a pretty nice example of an MVC-like design in XSP, with the XSP as the Controller, the XSLT as the View, and a perl module as the Model.

AxKit Docs

AxKit Guide
This document is a guide to the ins and outs of using AxKit
And incase you were wondering what is AxKit here is a blurg from the site:
Apache AxKit is an XML Application Server for Apache. It provides on-the-fly conversion from XML to any format, such as HTML, WAP or text using either W3C standard techniques, or flexible custom code. AxKit also uses a built-in Perl interpreter to provide some amazingly powerful techniques for XML transformation.

New Wiki

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Apache::MiniWiki is an increadibly simplistic Wiki server for Apache. It doesn't have much uses besides very simple installations where hardly any features are needed. What is does support though is; storage of Wiki pages in RCS, templates through HTML::Template, text to HTML conversion with HTML::FromText and basic authentification password changes.
And if you want to check out someone experimenting with it, wonder over to

Templates Everywhere

Midgard Review

Midgard, the PHP Apache MySql CMS, is reviewed over on CMS Watch.
Pretty good article over on about how eToys used the Apache/mod_perl combo to much sucess. Especially liked the bit about Java-ish exeption handeling in Perl

Is your Apache server getting

Is your Apache server getting pummeled by all those requests ment to exploit IIS? Well check out
In response to the growing number of worms attemtping to exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft software, Tonkin Resolutions is making available, a Perl module for the Apache web server that detects such attacks and responds by sending e-mail to Security Focus and to the administrators of the culprit server.

If you run Apache and Perl through mod_perl and would like to try the module, it is available here. has a good article has a good article on Choosing a Templating System in Perl focusing on the web.

Apache 2.0: The Internals of

Apache 2.0: The Internals of the New, Improved "A PatCHy"

Installing Apache 2.0

Using Apache with ZServer (NOT

Using Apache with ZServer (NOT Zope.cgi), for the truely evil webdeveloper wanting to subvert their "No Python on my site!" bosses.

DynamicPerl A Perl 5.6 for

A Perl 5.6 for Win32 with Apache. Seems to have the added features over what ActiveState is distuributing with ActivePerl for Win32. Those Canadians sure seem to like their Perl on Windows.
UPDATE: DynamicPerl has some nice "one ups" on ActivePerl, a web browser based package installation for one. There is not a nice InstallShield type installer, you unzip to the desired directory and run a .bat file. The PerlConsole doesn't work for me, not sure why, and the package instalation didn't work til I kicked off Apache myself and hacked the url path. All in all a very nice one up so far.

AxKit: XML Web Publishing with

Platypus "Platypus is a web

"Platypus is a web application framework built on top of Apache and mod_perl. It's still in very early stages of development, but even now it offers many more application facilities than CGI or Apache::Registry."

Magi "Simply stated, Magi is

"Simply stated, Magi is a personal Web server that allows users to easily store and retrieve information. A Magi server restricts who has access to download and view files using a buddy list. Users can share and synchronize information on their own desktop, laptop, or palmtop using a Magi server from anywhere as if it were a local directory."

ApachePDA I can't believe it,

ApachePDA I can't believe it, well maybe that is not totally true. Now I can play with Apache on my Visor, come on Perl or Python for the PDA/PalmOS.

Introducing Apache one rock awsome

Introducing Apache one rock awsome web server. Eagerly awaiting the Apache 2.0 release.

Apache 2.0 Preview The new

Apache 2.0 Preview
The new features sound good. I hope the "beta version will be available either late in 1999 or early in 2000" comes out soon.

Apache and industry leaders debut

mod_perl_to_cgi - First steps needed

Apache XML Project The goals

Apache XML Project
    The goals of the Apache XML Project project are:
  • to provide commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion,
  • to provide feedback to standards bodies (such as IETF and W3C) from an implementation perspective, and
  • to be a focus for XML-related activies within Apache projects

SmartWorker OpenDesk uses SmartWorker. It

OpenDesk uses SmartWorker. It seems to be a Perl way of doing the whole Zope stuff.

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