Why not? Actually saw what arcterex did with his me page. So why not one for myself.


Back in the year of out Lord 1972 on the Tird day of April, the day after Easter Holy Monday, little old me was born into this world or ours. I don't remember much of the day but one of these days maybe I will scan in a baby pic.


Well I kinda started early, around 3 at one of the local Baptist Churches preschool. At 5 moved on to another churches Kindergarden. Not much to say about these experiences other than I caused lots of trouble.

I started offical schooling at Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic for First through Eighth grade. It was also the church my family attended.

Highschool took me to Campbell County High School, which was imensly different from St. Mary's. For one there were over 1,200 students in 4 grades where St. Mary's had onlyaround 300 in the whole school. The increased size did allow for some real Computer Science classes, think lots of BASIC on a TSR-80 and Pascal on a PS2. Wrestled for for a year played Tennis for 3 years.

Finally college. Went to The University of Kentucky and kinda wandered around for several years. Tried my hand at several majors, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Geography.



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