puts browser to puts browser to work as word processor A new group dubbed MozOffice wants to accelerate the convergence between PC-based software applications and the Web with a blueprint for a new browser that would incorporate functions such as word processing. Not sure if this a good thing or not. Just hope that it doesn’t delay […]

DaveNet: Software and the First

DaveNet: Software and the First Amendment There is no difference between code and writing. I think I can prove it. Manila, the content management system that I use, supports macros. When you put text in curly braces, as the page is rendered, the macro is evaluated. Such macros can be embedded in protected speech, ie […]

“WIRM is a Perl-based application

“WIRM is a Perl-based application server that provides a high-level programming environment for developing web information systems. The WIRM consists of an object-relational database and a suite of Perl interfaces for visualizing, integrating and analyzing heterogeneous multimedia data. WIRM provides facilities for creating context-sensitive views over a multimedia database, allowing developers to rapidly build dynamic […]

Are the techno boomers a

Are the techno boomers a Selfish Society Democracy and freedom aren’t about prosperity. You can be poor and quite free. Democracy is about the legitimacy of the individual, whose voice and vote should count for more than any other single interest or group. Technology can either be the vehicle through which those voices are re-democratized, […]

Thrilling News: King Finds Honesty

Thrilling News: King Finds Honesty Pays Off on Internet King’s office said that enough readers have either paid or promised to pay–roughly 76% of those who downloaded–that he will post at least the second installment of his serialized novella “The Plant” in three weeks. I’m shocked. King has some loyal fans. Requiring 75% of downloadies […]